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Frumenti and Sons Construction, based in Concord, California, serves customers throughout the Bay Area. For over 30 years, the company has brought customers’ dreams to fruition with its custom-built decks, fences, and remodeling services. As an expert in composite fencing and decking, Frumenti and Sons naturally chooses Trex to build best-in-class structures that Bay Area customers expect.

Do you love the natural look of redwood but don’t want the maintenance? Let Frumenti And Sons install a Trex composite fence for you. Trex composite fence posts won’t rot and are so durable they withstand hurricane-force wind loads. The matching composite fence panels provide privacy and a neighbor-friendly design that gives the same look on both sides.

Frumenti and Sons Construction understands the design sensibilities and needs of Bay Area customers. Dense populations make privacy an important factor in deciding on the right fence. With Trex, there are no gaps between boards like there are with redwood fences as they age. A fence shouldn’t just be functional and private, however. The style of a Trex fence upgrades the look of a property instantly with its elegant picture-frame designs.

The terrain in the Bay Area can have steep slopes. With Trex Seclusions, it’s easy to follow the hilly ground with the fence line to ensure that there are minimal gaps under the fence. If you have a more contemporary design in mind, Horizons horizontal fencing is a sleek composite fence panel that has a unique board-on-board appearance.

Looking for sustainable products? Trex Fencing, with 95% recycled content and a rot-free composition, is the best fencing option for green building in the Bay Area.  Trex also uses award-winning manufacturing techniques.

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About Trex Fencing Professionals

A Trex Fencing Professional should have a contractor’s license and carry general liability insurance as required where the company conducts business. Professional installers have experience not just with Trex Fencing but with general construction techniques and standards.

Trex Fencing Professional Installers are independently owned and operated, and are neither affiliated with nor agents or representatives of FDS Fence Distributors or Trex Company, Inc. As such, FDS Fence Distributors and Trex Company cannot make representations or warranties as to, and is not responsible for, the performance, acts or omissions of such parties. It is the ultimate responsibility of the property owner to perform their individual assessment the professional installer showcased on this site. We encourage you to verify that your contractor has proper licensing as required by your location jurisdiction and general liability insurance.