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Trex is the leading composite material for properties requiring fencing. Its name brand recognition and durable materials make it an easy choice for commercial fencing and government fencing projects. Applications include trash enclosures and dumpster gates, privacy screens and privacy railing, sound barriers, perimeter fencing, wall extensions, and more.

Commercial fencing for the perimeter around the Municipal Utility District (MUD) facility in Galveston TX. Built with Trex Seclusions Fencing.

Commercial Fencing

Trex is uniquely positioned among products that offer privacy and security. While it is most commonly used for backyard fencing because it offers full privacy, low-maintenance and an elegance that a more utilitarian fence does not, Trex Fencing transcends into commercial fencing with ease.

Trex is exceptionally popular when a commercial properties share lines with or face residential and community spaces. A chain link fence or a CMU wall may be acceptable on the commercial side of the line but residents will not want the jarring or prominent look of these types of structures from their side. Trex is perfect for both properties offering opacity or privacy, security, some sound abatement, flexible height selection, pleasing aesthetics, virtually no maintenance, easy repair if damage does occur, and a 10-year warranty from the only composite fence company that has had fence in production several years longer than its warranty period.

If you represent a commercial property owner, architect or general contractor, contact us for shop drawings, product samples, submittals and other product and technical information. Call 877-700-8739.

Government Fencing

Municipalities, counties, and state and federal agencies utilize the Trex Fence designs and materials regularly. Privacy, security, and aesthetics are paramount for separations between public and private land. A Trex Fence is a less invasive and typically less expensive product than a masonry wall, offering value engineering when budgets are constrained. Unlike a wood fence, Trex does not require regular upkeep, such as painting or staining and replacement of rotting posts. Because it has the same look on both sides, when both the private and public spaces are both visible, there is no need to be concerned about the ugliness of exposed framing.

Getting Trex Fencing approved for government use is easy. It meets requirements for green building materials, depending on size, often comes under spending limits and the fact that Trex is a well-established brand used throughout the country, it provides government entities with the ability to easily acquire replacement or new materials when needed.

If you are a government planner or purchaser and would like more information about the product or buying options (such as establishing SLAs for preferred pricing and availability), contact us for support. Call 877-700-8739.

A cell phone tower facility with Trex commercial fencing
A long perimeter of Trex fencing installed for a government fencing project


  • Requires virtually no maintenance (occasional cleaning as necessary); does not require painting or staining like a wood fence
  • Designed for value-engineering (Trex is less expensive than finished masonry walls)
  • Low impact installation-does not require heavy machinery or large footers
  • Weathers resiliently; it will not rot, splinter, crack, or suffer insect damage like a wood fence
  • Provides a softer, more natural appearance than a wall; this is important when landscaping and design elements are integral to a project
  • Designed with a unique board-on-board appearance that gives all the same look on both sides
  • Provides full sight and some sound obstruction
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Meets green building requirements; 95% recycled composite materials (contributes LEED points)
  • Performs longer with more durability than vinyl PVC
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