Vertical Back Bracing Rail for Horizons

Vertical Back Bracing Rail to Horizons For Bowed and Warped Pickets

If the Horizons fence pickets are bowing or warping after an installation is complete, a vertical back bracing rail can be applied. This part helps to bring the pickets back into alignment.

On the back side of the fence, screw the bracing rail to the top and bottom Horizons horizontal rails. Then, fasten screws from the other side through the composite pickets into the vertical back bracing rail. To make sure you screw through the pickets into the back bracing rail, temporarily attach a string to the middle of the to top rail and pull it tight over the front of the fence panel, then pull the string through the bottom and attach it in the middle of the bracing rail at the bottom of the fence. This creates a straight line that you can use as your guide to fasten the screws. Only fasten the screws through the pickets that touch the back bracing rail. Use self-tapping screws with color matching heads for best results (we can supply these with the back bracing rail upon request).

A vertical back bracing rail on a Horizons fence


Download the vertical back bracing rail flyer

Flyer that describes the vertical back bracing rail for the mid span between Trex posts to help alleviate warping pickets

Part Numbers for Vertical Back Bracing Rail application

  • TFHMSB-8 = Vertical Back Bracing Rail (Vendor description: “Horizons Mid Span Brace Black”)
  • TFHMSB-Cap = Caps for Vertical Back Bracing Rail
  • Color-matching screws: DFES350JB = Woodland Brown, DFES350GY = Winchester Grey, DFES350BN = Saddle
  • Paint-Textured = Paint to touch up any exposed metal