These precautions below are presented for consignee action and protection. Please review information CAREFULLY 

Freight Receiving Instructions

All claims must be made at the time of delivery. Shipments are carefully counted, double-checked, and inspected prior to leaving our facility. Before signing the carrier’s paperwork, follow these steps:


INSPECT. Check for damages and take pictures of any discrepancies with pallets still on the carrier’s trailer.

VERIFY. Check receipt of total carton/unit count on driver’s paperwork matches to what is being delivered. Confirm counts before signing the driver’s paperwork. 

DOCUMENTATION. Have delivery driver notate shortages, overages, or damages on their paperwork if the shipment is not delivered in good order and/or in accordance with the carton/unit quantity shown on the packing slip. Uncover the carton(s) to confirm there are no discrepancies

OFFLOADING. Make sure you are ready to receive shipment by having forklift onsite when product gets delivered (pallet jack and lift gate alone are not capable of moving and offloading the cartons). Third party carriers allow 30 minutes for off-loading from their trailers. Delaying driver will incur detention fees that are charged back to the customer.

PROPERLY STORING PRODUCT. Leaving material partially uncovered in the yard will weather the exposed composite product. Immediately remove the gate panels from the carton and stand them upright.

CUSTOMER SERVICE is our #1 Priority. Damaged and lost material during shipping is rare. However, in the unlikely event it does happen, following these guidelines will ensure that you receive replacement material as quickly as possible. If consignee accepts shipment from the transportation company short of what is enumerated on the driver’s paperwork, or in damaged condition, without having proper notation made then the consignee does so at their OWN RISK. The supplier refuses any liability beyond this point and both the transportation company assumes shipment was a clean delivery.

Please contact your sales representative with questions regarding receiving product.

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