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Shopping for ideas? Enjoy out gallery of Trex Fencing pictures representing projects in all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a small urban backyard, a commercial property adjacent to a residential neighborhood, or an HOA that has multi-family units that need privacy screens, Trex has been installed in virtually every environment for dozes of different applications.  Browse the sections of our gallery for inspiration. Imagine the possibilities with Trex, Your Next Fence.


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Note: Customizations shown in the following gallery are solely the work of third parties. Our customer staff is unable to provide details about the methods and third party materials used for these installations and the pictures are provided solely for illustration regarding the versatility of the Trex Fencing systems. We encourage you to review the component dimensions and installation instructions to determine if adapting Trex Fencing for a concept you are considering will work. 


Experience the most innovative, most appealing fence

The clean sweep of a colorful fencing run. The shadow lines dancing in the light. The quiet privacy that also secures. No other fence evokes a sense of aesthetic brilliance with functional purpose as a Trex Fence.

Designed by the leading manufacturer of outdoor living products, it’s no surprise that Trex Fencing has such a stunning look. Trex has been innovating our backyard experiences for over 25 years, starting with the introduction of the the very first composite decking boards in the early 1990s to the large portfolio of products it offers today.

Here at FDS, we’re proud to represent this amazing product. Trex has partnered with us to market, distribute and support the product throughout the country. Since its introduction in 2005, FDS has sold well over one million feet of Trex Fencing. We have customers from dealers to contractors to homeowners, all finding value in the design and benefits of the product.

Trex Fence pictures speak a thousand words

We hope you enjoy browsing our gallery. These pictures are from projects throughout the country from installations over the years. Since 2005, Trex fencing has been installed in every state from backyards to HOAs to commercial projects.

The gallery contains only a fraction of the Trex Fencing pictures customers have contributed to us. Don’t see a particular application you’re interested in? Contact Us to see if we have it in our private gallery portfolio.

Art comes in many forms

We don’t know exactly how it happened, but at some point in the recent past, we experienced a surge in demand for our product. Not that Trex ever struggled to sell its fencing system, but in the last several years, consumers have fueled a massive growth such that we’ve been able to add new staff, new facilities, new distribution procedures, and new methods to support a larger customers base.

What we do know is that everyone comments on the beauty of a Trex fence. It’s easy to see why.

In the period of development where designers and engineers played with different ways to create a viable fence system from the Trex composite formula, it was clear that both form and function had to be at the forefront. The fence had to be just as artistically appealing as it had to be able to perform its intended purpose.

Rather than follow the methodology of creating a fence that simulated a basic wooden fence, something that other manufacturers attempted to do, Trex went the opposite direction and created a design that elevated the visibility of the fence, essentially making it complementary to a backyard oasis or a showcase masterpiece in a property canvas.

Sharing your artistry is a wonderful thing!

We’d love to get pictures of your project when it’s done, whether it’s to add it to this gallery, our social media galleries or our marketing materials. Feel free to email us at info@trexfencingfds.com.

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