Trex Fencing Components

Trex wood fencing comes in two styles — Seclusions (vertical pickets) and Horizons (horizontal pickets). Both options are available in three colors — Saddle, Winchester Grey and Woodland Brown — and both have the same durable composite wood strength.

Whether you’re installing your own Trex privacy fence or you are retaining a professional fence installer, the end result is a beautiful, durable fence. Trex is a stick-built system which means it can be adapted for height, width, and slope as it is being built. The unique interlocking panel design allows you to snap your Trex fence components into place to avoid the gapping, warping or twisting that is so common with wood materials.

You don’t have to worry about maintenance either — there’s no painting or staining required when you buy composite fencing. Your new fence will resist rot and insect infestation, remaining sturdy for decades.

Trex Components - Built for Strength

Trex makes the fencing systems easy to install while also adding the benefits of strength and durability. A fence is only as strong as its posts and Trex posts are uncommonly strong. With a thick wall and dense material, Trex posts are strong enough to resist high winds and the incidental bumps they are likely to experience over their life, far beyond the capabilities of wood or vinyl.

Each Trex post is topped by a post cap, available in three styles. Trex post caps complete your composite fence’s look, but they aren’t just for show; they also perform an important function: sealing the top of the posts against the weather.

The bottom rail of the Trex Seclusions vertical fence is reinforced with a hidden heavy-gauge aluminum rail to provide support for the fence panel. The interlocking pickets and thick top rail complete the panel.

Trex gates are also built to last. They are reinforced with an internal galvanized steel frame and post inserts stiffen the hinge side to ensure they hold up to years of daily use.

Considering Horizons? FDS, the nation’s top Trex fencing distributor and product partner, has created a sleek black galvanized steel frame system that integrates with the Trex posts and pickets to create a unique horizontal privacy fence. Our steel posts can be used in place of Trex posts for an even more distinct look.

Trex Construction

What makes the components of a Trex privacy fence so durable and easy to maintain is the volume and type of composite used to make them. Trex is composed of 95% recycled material (which is made up of 50% wood particles and 50% plastic) with the 5% balance comprised of industrial adhesives and pigmentation, giving the systems the impermeability of a synthetic fence and the strength of natural wood. That’s why it’s so much stronger than vinyl fencing, which cannot withstand high winds or even minimal impact. Trex fencing, invented in 2005 and increasing in popularity every year, also comes with a 25-year limited manufacturer warranty.

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