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Planned communities including homeowners associations typically include fencing. Some require perimeter fences to protect residents’ properties and establish a distinct design theme. Often, those communities also have internal fences between properties that provide each space with security and privacy. Even more, others need enclosures or screens to cover utility or trash collection areas.  While wood has been the traditional material of choice, most HOAs are moving away from wood to avoid the maintenance requirements and the fast degradation in appearance. Trex Fencing is the natural choice – literally. With a base of wood particles in its composite protected by plastic mass, Trex is natural-looking without requiring significant maintenance or suffering the decay that occurs with wood fencing.

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A major consideration when choosing a fence for a Homeowners Association is to choose a product that looks fantastic and will enhance property values. Trex® Fencing is the perfect solution: the beauty of Trex Fencing is the same on both sides, the fence has a picture frame design, and it is available in three natural colors that go well with any design.
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With shared fences, open spaces and multiple homeowners, HOAs need a fence that will hold up to the abuse inflicted on it over the years. Repairing and maintaining a large amount of fencing is not just difficult to coordinate with multiple home owners, it also can quickly exceed the initial investment of the fence itself. Trex Fencing solves this problem. It is made of a proprietary blend of wood fibers, plastic, and pigmentation so it never needs staining or painting, and it will not rot or decay.

Trex Fencing has the strength of wood and the low maintenance virtues of vinyl.  Trex Fencing has been tested for wind loads in excess of 130 mph at 6 ft. tall. Trex also provides a 25 year warranty against material defects. With Trex Fencing, your HOA will be able to eliminate the annual budgetary line items for maintenance and the unpopular increase in dues to continue that maintenance over the years.

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Most HOAs promote a sense of seclusion. A perimeter fence helps to define the boundaries of the association. Internally, privacy is also important, particularly if the properties are close together. Trex fencing offers full privacy in a way that wood fencing cannot. Side-by-side wood pickets will shrink. Even overlapping boards will end up with gaps due to bowing or warping, breakage, or even shrinking. The interlocking picket design of the Trex fence product not only provides full privacy, it also eliminates bowing, gaps from shrinkage, and gives strength to this fence. Because of  the design of the picket system, there is no need for a mid rail which creates a more secure fence that cannot be easily climbed. And, if you need exceptional privacy and or security, Trex Fencing can be built up to 12’ tall.

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Most HOAs have budget limitations. It is important, therefore, not only to choose a fence with the criteria noted above but to select a fence that is a responsible use of association funds. Up front, Trex Fencing may not be the lowest cost fence. However, Trex Fencing  does become one of the lowest cost fences after only a few years. The cost savings on staining, painting, repairing or replacing of a wood or vinyl fence quickly makes those fence types more expensive then a Trex Fence. When doing a comprehensive reserve study, an HOA board will find that the elimination of ongoing maintenance budget line items will be reason enough to select Trex Fencing.

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