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Trex Fencing Comes in Three Colors

Woodland Brown Circle

Woodland Brown

Winchester Grey Circle

Winchester Grey

Saddle Circle


Virtues of Trex® Seclusions Fencing

Seclusions leads the industry as the ultimate upgrade to wood fencing. With an ingenious design and solid fundamentals, Seclusions beats wood every time.

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Follows the grade and contours of your property.

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Won't rot, warp, or splinter.
Won't become food for termites.

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Won't need seasonal painting, sealing, or staining.

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Has an industry leading warranty.


(Wood + Plastic = Composite)

Since 1996, Trex has invented, defined and perfected composite outdoor living materials with a lineup of low-maintenance, high-performance products that fundamentally change the way we live outdoors. Trex Fencing was introduced in 2005 to meet the demand for a fence that had the natural beauty and strength of a wood fence and the low maintenance virtues of a vinyl or PVC fence. Trex Fencing is a composite fence made from a proprietary blend of 95% recycled wood fiber and plastic. This unique product eliminates the negative attributes of a typical wood or vinyl fence and capitalizes on their virtues. With Trex composite fencing, you can be at ease in knowing that our well established brand, backed by its 25-year residential limited warranty, can be trusted to meet the demands for a fence that will last and continue to look attractive for many years.



Stand alone posts - No need for wood or steel inserts.

Trex Fencing Post

Interlocking Pickets eliminate warping, offer full privacy.

Trex Fencing Pickets

Easy installation.

Installing Pickets vertically

One-piece cap rail for a finished look.

cap rail

Components can be cut to accommodate any height from 2' to 12' tall.

Trex Fence Height

Superior wind rating and durability (130 MPH sustained wind, 147 MPH gusts).

Wind Rating

Bracketed system allows fence to pivot and follow any grade.

grade installation

25 year warranty.



Trex Fencing Seclusions Exploded View
trex pyramid cap

Pyramid Cap

trex crown cap

Crown Cap

flat cap

Flat Cap

trex fence post


trex seclusion picket

Bottom Rail Cover/Picket 

trex top rail

Top Rail

trex aluminum bottom rail

Aluminum Bottom Rail 

trex fence bracket


trex angle adaptor

Angle Adaptor

trex components

To read more about our Trex Fence Components, visit our Components Page.

trex gates materials

Matching Gates are available.



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Trex Warranty


Trex LEED Certified


Trex Composite Material


Trex Wood Fencing: A Fence That Lasts

Trex composite fencing was invented in 2005, and since then, homeowners across the country have opted to install this superior synthetic fence that looks just like wood.

What makes Trex wood superior? It’s made of a composite of recycled materials — sawdust and plastics — to form a solid, durable fence. Trex gates and posts are made out of the same material as the fence panels, so you can be sure they will last.

Not only is Trex fencing virtually indestructible, it’s also beautiful. FDS, the nation’s leading Trex fence distributor, carries composite wood fencing in three popular colors — Saddle, Winchester Grey and Woodland Brown. Although the colors weather slightly, they will continue to look fabulous for the life of the fence.

Additionally, there is no “bad side” of a Trex privacy fence like there is with wood — composite wood fencing looks the same on both sides. So you’re not only beautifying your property with Trex fencing, but you’re also beautifying the neighborhood!

Trex Wood Fencing: Privacy & Security

Homeowners love Trex composite fencing not just for the way it looks, but also because it offers privacy, safety and security. Our Seclusions vertical Trex wood fencing panels are available in heights of up to 12 feet. No one will be able to see your property — or gain access to it.

Moreover, you never have to worry about gaps with a Trex privacy fence the way you do with a wood fence, because Trex fencing interlocking pickets eliminate warping and twisting, and are thicker than vinyl. The interlocking panels stay put indefinitely. You and your family can relax by the pool without ever worrying about who might be watching you.

A 6- or 8-foot fence does an excellent job of keeping your children or pets safely corralled in the yard. You won’t have to worry about your dog escaping or your kids chasing a ball into the street — your Trex

Cost of Trex Composite Fencing

Trex fencing typically costs more than a basic wood and entry-level vinyl fence, but it is far superior to both. Even wood fencing with larger, thicker lumber is difficult to match in strength. A Trex privacy fence can last up to three times as long as wood. Vinyl does not require the painting or staining maintenance of a wooden fence, but it is not as strong as Trex. The thin walls of vinyl fence components are prone to becoming brittle and breaking.

A composite wood fence is a fantastic alternative to real wood because it hardly needs any maintenance. It cleans up easily with a simple soap-and-water solution, and you don’t need to paint or stain a Trex composite wood fence. Do you have insect problems? You never have to worry about wood bees, termites, or other insects consuming the material.

Consider the long-term aesthetic benefits of Trex fencing. Even with regular painting or staining, wooden fences eventually start to crack and warp. Vinyl doesn’t look as naturally beautiful. Over time, the shiny surface becomes chalky, making the fence appearance a distraction rather than a landscaping complement.

Trex has been tested to withstand high winds. If you bump your fence with the lawnmower, or the neighborhood kids kick a soccer ball up against it, your Trex composite wood fence will be fine. Vinyl fences can be damaged easily by rocks thrown by a lawnmower.

At FDS, we believe in the value of composite wood fencing. Mostly, you have a budget. We’ll help you see the long-term value of a Trex composite wood fence to see that Trex is the best selection for your pocketbook. Browse our selection of composite fencing for sale.

Trex Seclusions in Woodland Brown

Looking for Horizontal Fencing Instead?

Horizontal Fencing has become a popular trend. We offer two horizontal fence designs. Horizontal follows the same template of Seclusions with a composite top and bottom rail. Horizons has a more contemporary look with a sleek black metal frame around all four sides of the fence panel. Learn more by tapping on the images.

Trex Horizontal Fencing
Trex Horizontal Fencing
Trex Horizons Horizontal Fence
Horizons Horizontal Fence