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Build and Price

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Follow the steps below to quickly estimate the materials for a 6-ft. or 8-ft. high fence.

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If you’re a homeowner who has made the decision to buy a Trex privacy fence, or if you’re a contractor who recently landed a job installing Trex fencing, you can use our build-and-price tool to determine how much the Trex fence will cost. Ready to buy? Choose a style and click on the Build and Price links above for 6ft and 8ft tall fencing. Looking for individual components or different heights? Visit our online shop. You are also welcome to Contact Us if you are looking for a contractor, or you are a contractor or supplier that needs help with a quote.

Homeowners & Trex

As a homeowner who is thinking of getting a Trex fence, you’ll want to know how much the project will cost before you make your final decision. A Trex privacy fence lasts many years longer than a natural wood fence, so the price is higher, but you save money by getting a sturdier, more reliable, low-maintenance product.

What you’ll need to do to price out a Trex fence is decide how tall you want the fence to be, how many gates you’ll have (if any) and how many feet of fencing you’ll need. Once you have all this info, you can plug it into our tool and we can give you a price for your Trex fence.

If you’re not installing your Trex fencing yourself, you must also remember to add in the cost of installation. As installing fences go, Trex fencing goes up quickly and easily. However, if you have never put up a fence before, you may want to reconsider doing the job yourself. Your Trex fencing order comes with a handy installation guide that you can review to help you decide whether you think you are capable of handling the job.

To find a Trex fencing contractor in your area, click the button at the bottom of this page. Once you contact one or more contractors to get a price on installation, this can help you determine whether you think it’s worth it to take a crack at the job yourself.

Contractors & Trex

If you’re a contractor and have a job coming up to install a Trex privacy fence for your client, you can give them an accurate estimate by using our build and price tool.

If you have never installed Trex fencing before, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly the installation process goes once you get the posts in the ground. FDS kits and parts are easy to work with and they ship quickly. As a contractor, installing a Trex privacy fence is usually a profitable job, because although you need the right skills, the work is quick and easy and the results are impressive.

Custom Trex Fencing

You’ll see on our build-and-price tool that you can select between two styles of fencing — Horizons (horizontal) and Seclusions (vertical) and 6- and 8-foot panels. These are the most popular-sized panels, but you can get Trex panels up to 12 feet tall.

At FDS, the nation’s top Trex fencing distributor, we fabricate custom Trex fencing panels and gates for customers who want a different size or style fence. To find out more about the types of custom Trex fencing you can get at FDS, contact us today.