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Chances are if you are visiting this site, you have clients that are asking for a materials estimate for Trex Fencing. Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, interest in Trex Fencing continues to grow. Consumers are looking for alternatives to wood and vinyl in privacy fencing and Trex leads the pack in composite fence design and functionality.

Trex is the World's #1 Composite Fencing & Decking Brand

Since 1996, Trex has invented, defined, and perfected composite outdoor living materials with a lineup of low-maintenance, high-performance products that fundamentally change the way we live outdoors. Trex Fencing was introduced in 2005 to meet the demand for a fence that had the natural beauty and strength of a wood fence and the low maintenance virtues of a vinyl or PVC  fence. Trex Fencing is a composite fence made from a proprietary blend of 95% recycled wood fiber and plastic. This unique product eliminates the negative attributes of a typical wood or vinyl fence and capitalizes on their virtues. With Trex composite fencing, you can be at ease in knowing that our well established brand, backed by its 25-year residential limited warranty, can be trusted to meet the demands for a fence that will last and continue to look attractive for many years.

How to Buy/Pricing:

As a retailer/dealer, you have several options to purchase Trex Fencing. Trex Fencing is shipped to locations throughout the USA and Canada by the truck load, by job lot quantities, or by the piece; there is no minimum order quantity. For more information discuss options with one of our support team members

We make the quoting and estimating process easy. Simply send your job layout over to one of our personal representatives for a quote on your particular project or request a price list so that you can prepare quotes for your customers. To receive your customized pricing contact us today. For more information or to discuss options with one of our support team members, call us at 877-700-8739 or email us at info@YourNextFence.com.

Hans Weber, Fence Contractor in Lafayette Louisiana


Our marketing and support center is here to help you every step of the way to be successful in marketing and selling Trex Fencing. Below are several of the resources that may help. If you don’t see what you need or what you are looking for, give us a call. We are here to help.