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Chances are you have clients asking for estimates to install Trex Fencing. Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, interest in Trex fencing continues to grow. Consumers are looking for alternatives to wood and vinyl in privacy fencing and Trex leads the pack in composite fence design and functionality.

As a contractor, you need resources to help you serve your customers. This site contains a large repository of helpful tools including information on how to purchase the product plus marketing literature to share with your clients and installation instructions.

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Why Offer Trex Fencing:

High Quality Product

Installing a high quality product means price is not the most important issue for your customer. As such, you are able to sell your customer on the virtues and the value of a Trex Fence rather than merely competing on a price point.

Eliminate Call Backs

How much time a year are you or your crews spending on return trips for call backs? These call backs often happen because the fencing product you are installing is inherently subject to imperfections. The quality of wood fencing has had a significant decline over the years. The materials are thinner, greener, and not as dense and strong due to being new growth. It is susceptible to warping, twisting, cracking, splitting as well as loose knot holes. Other products such as vinyl are susceptible to scratching, cracking, chipping and also have low strength. These common problems with other fences are either completely eliminated or greatly decreased with Trex Fencing, saving you time and money on costly return trips.

High Referral Rates

Installing a unique quality product like Trex Fencing significantly increases customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to higher referral rates. This means less competitive bidding, less marketing, and more quality leads. This is a fence that will turn future customers’ heads and make them take notice of your fence sign driving leads to you. The beautiful design and superior material complement your workmanship like no other. Your customers will also do much of the “marketing” for you by sharing their satisfaction with their new Trex fence and your contact information with others.

25 year warranty

Offering a product from a reputable manufacture with a 25-year warranty not only elevates your company, it also gives you and your customer piece of mind. Visit our warranty page to see what is covered.


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Your Competitive Edge:

Chances are you are currently installing fencing products that all your competitors are. This makes it extremely difficult at times to differentiate yourself. However, intuitive contractors find that by offering Trex Fencing they are increasing the number of jobs sold.

In many markets, the number of contractors offering Trex Fencing is considerably less than the number selling commodity products. If you introduced Trex in your installation services and once your customer understands the benefits of buying a Trex fence, your overall sales closure rate will increase since you now stand out.

Contractors also have taken note that although Trex Fencing may not be the right fit for every property or budget, simply offering Trex Fencing as an option helps close more jobs for other types of fences. This increase is due to an improvemenet in customers’ confidence in the contractor because they recognize that a company which offers a premium, high quality product is better equipped to help them find the best product for their needs, Trex or otherwise. 

Pricing Information / How to Buy:

As a contractor you have several options to purchase Trex Fencing. The product is shipped to locations throughout the USA and Canada by the truck load, by job lot, or by the piece; there is no minimum order quantity. Materials can be ordered through many local suppliers and retailers or purchased directly if you currently are set up to resell product and collect sales tax. To receive product you must have a business location and a forklift on site to unload product or have a shipping terminal nearby.  Job site delivery is typically not available. For more information, discuss options with one of our support team.

We make the quoting and estimating process easy. Simply send your job layout over to one of our personal representatives for a quote on your particular project or request a price list so you can prepare quotes for your customers. To receive your customized pricing, contact us today.

Get Trex Fencing on Your Website:

Let customers know you offer and install Trex Fencing by placing content on your website. We can help. Have you website administrator contact us and we’ll provide written content, images and technical documentation. Planning to do it yourself? Here’s a primer that will help you take the steps to successfully adding Trex Fencing to your website.