There's A Reason Trex Fencing is #1 in Product Comparison.

Product Comparison of Trex and Others 1

Product Comparison - Trex® Fencing vs Other Fencing Materials

Trex Fencing vs other fencing products

Use the chart below to compare other fencing products with Trex Fencing. When choosing your next fence make sure that all the boxes are checked for the elements that are most important to you. Of all your fencing options, you’ll find that Trex checks off more boxes than any other product. Take a closer look at this product comparison to see why Trex should be Your Next Fence.

Trex Wood PVC/Vinyl Other Composites Masonry
Requires Painting /staining Not Required Required Not Required Not Required Not Required
Multiple color options Yes Can be painted Yes Yes Can be painted
Versatility Yes Yes Yes Yes Somewhat
Can follow any grade Yes Yes Yes Yes No (must step)
Durable Yes Limited Life Weak Somewhat Yes
Won’t rot /decay Will Not Will Will Not some contain wood inserts Will not
Resistant to Insects Yes No Yes Some Contain wood inserts Yes
Wind Rated Yes (130 Mph Gusts) No (depends on age) No No High resistant
Manufactures Warranty Yes No Varies Varies No
Natural Look Yes Yes No Yes No
Neighbor Friendly Design Yes (same look both sides) Various styles can Yes Various styles can Yes
Easy Installation Yes Yes Yes Some No
Matching Gates Yes Yes Yes Varies No
Eco Friendly Yes No No Somewhat No
Affordable Larger upfront costs Increasing rapidly Initially Larger upfront costs Larger upfront costs