Unlike masonry, Trex Composite Fencing:

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Has the natural look of wood.

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Does not need painting.

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Does not settle and crack.

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Does not require invasive installation.

Trex Fencing vs. Masonry - Product Comparison

Trex Fencing vs Masonry Fencing

Trex Fencing vs. Masonry 1


In a battle of Trex Fencing vs. masonry, Trex Fencing wins on aesthetics hands down. Trex has the natural look and feel of wood that is warm and inviting.  A typical masonry wall can look cold and foreboding and is anything but warm and inviting. Trex Fencing enhances your landscape rather than detracts from it.

Trex Fencing vs. Masonry 2


Unlike a typical masonry wall, Trex Composite Fencing does not need a coat of paint to look great.  Trex unique blend of wood and plastic fiber is pigmented throughout the product and never needs painting or staining. Trex Composite Fencing is available is 3 natural colors that stay looking great. This saves you not only money but also time to do whatever else you want to do on the weekend besides painting.  

Trex Fencing vs. Masonry 3


When comparing Trex Fencing vs. masonry, Trex is not prone to cracking when settling occurs.  Even the best built masonry walls which require a large and deep concrete footing with rebar are prone to cracking. Overtime movement occurs caused from settling, contraction and expansion, freezing and or severe temperature changes. This movement that occurs during these instances will cause cracking. Trex Fencing posts come in a wide variety of lengths so that you are assured that you have plenty of length to get the depth that you need to limit the possibility of settling. Trex is also formulated with a wood, plastic composite that is not prone to cracking.

Trex Fencing vs. Masonry 4


Installation of a typical masonry wall is a major undertaking. Not only does it require large heavy equipment, but it also requires major excavating to pour a stable footing and foundation for the wall. This type of construction is not only costly, but may not be the most friendly to  your landscaping. Trex Fencing on the other hand, only requires a 12” hole approximately 30” deep every 8’, that’s all. Installation of a Trex Fence can easily be done in most cases without creating major damage to your landscape and without major excavation and equipment, which makes Trex Fencing more affordable and less invasive to install than a masonry wall.  

Trex Fencing vs. Masonry

It goes by many names, CMU, masonry, concrete, cinder block, but whatever you call it, we have news for you. It is not the best fence material. If you want a more natural look, want something low maintenance, more affordable, easy and inexpensive to repair if damaged, and also strong and beautiful, then Trex Fencing is your choice. Trex Fencing is also available in 3 natural colors that complement any home or business.

Trex Fencing vs. Masonry 5

Trex Fencing is also great for Dumpster enclosures as well.