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Trex Fencing Calculator
Trex Fencing Calculator

Trex Fencing Calculator

Use this tool to get online measurements of your property and get an approximate estimate of your material or installation cost.


How Much Will it Cost to Have a Trex® Fence Installed?

Labor expenses are different throughout the country. Overhead costs, permits, the complexity and/or size of a job, demand for an area’s skilled labor and other circumstances can affect pricing. Installation Prices vary greatly due to size, access, location, and many other circumstances. Typical material with labor costs (for 6′ high Seclusions) can range from $85 to $110 per foot and could be higher depending on variables such as gate installation and property-specific requirements. You will want to verify the numbers with installers prior to finalizing your budget. Additionally, the cost for a Trex Fence installation typically does not include additional services that would be required for site preparation of any type of new fence such as removing an existing fence, digging in hard ground, clearing shrubbery on fence lines, etc. It’s always good to get a few quotes for comparison.

Our team of product experts works with professional installers throughout the United States and Canada. Rely on our team members to help you get bids from companies in the fence industry. We have built relationships with professionals over the years and can usually find at least one that serves any given area.

While we can assist you in locating a contractor, the company you hire is just as important as the fence material you choose. In order to make the right choice, you should thoroughly vet the installation company. Think of your initial bid as an interview. You don’t always have to go with the first contractor that appears after your search. Take the time to get a few estimates from your local fence contractors. 

For budgetary numbers, use our Trex Installation Calculator below to get an idea what materials and labor for your new Trex Fence might cost. Remember that installation cost can vary greatly across the country and from job to job.

Use our Trex Fencing Calculator to Estimate the Cost to Install Your Trex Fence.

STEP 1: Measure the location that you will be fencing

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STEP 2: Choose Fence Style/Height

6' Seclusions

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6' Horizons

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STEP 3: Answer the questions and enter the Fence Measurements into the calculator below

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How do I find a contractor to install my Trex Fence?

There are many contractors throughout the USA and Canada that have experience installing Trex Fencing. Any skilled fence contractor that installs fences should easily be able to install a Trex Fence for you. However, if you need any assistance in finding a fence contractor near you give us a call at 877-700-8739 or email us.

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