Why Trex?

When you’re considering fence installation at your home or business, why consider Trex fencing?

What is Trex?

Trex fencing has gotten a sturdy foothold in the marketplace since exploding on the fencing scene in 2005. This revolutionary material has changed the world of fence installation. Made of a composite of wood and recycled plastics held together with a binding agent, Trex fencing is strong, durable and beautiful.

In fact, many people cannot distinguish between a Trex privacy and a natural wood fence. The difference is apparent some years later when the wood fencing has begun to break down from exposure to the weather and the Trex fencing still looks as beautiful as the day you got it.

Trex Fencing composite
  • #1 Composite Fencing & Decking Brand
  • Eco-Friendly Composite


Trex Decking and Fencing
  • Aesthetics
  • Privacy & Security
  • Low-Maintenance
  • Durability
  • Flexibility in Design
  • Environmentally Responsible

Trex Fence Maintenance

One of the big draws for purchasing Trex fencing is that it needs no maintenance. It looks just like real wood but requires none of the upkeep.

When you have a real wood fence, you must paint or seal it, usually every year, if you expect to keep it in good shape. Otherwise, water can penetrate your wood fence pickets and posts, causing rot to set in. Relentless sunshine can also dry out the wood, causing it to split.

Sealing a fence can be a day’s worth of work, depending on how long your fence is — and remember, you have to do both sides! Painting a fence is a truly agonizing chore — scraping, sanding and coating each picket.

When you get a Trex privacy fence, you never have to paint or stain it. If it’s in the shade a lot, Trex decking can sometimes grow mildew that homeowners need to clean off, but this is uncommon with fencing because water does not sit on a vertical surface. However, if you notice any mildew on your Trex fencing, it cleans up easily with a bleach-and-water solution.

Other Advantages of Trex Fencing

Trex fencing is extremely strong and can withstand winds of over 100 mph without blowing over.

Trex fencing panels don’t warp or shrink, so there are never any gaps in your fence. You maintain your privacy for the life of the fence.

Something our customers love about a Trex privacy fence is that it’s green — it’s made from reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. As a Trex fencing company, it brings us great satisfaction to make something beautiful and functional out of materials others were simply throwing away.

Composite Fencing Distributor

FDS is a Trex fencing supplier and manufacturer, creating the materials you need as a homeowner or contractor to build the most beautiful and most durable fence available on the market today.

Besides manufacturing Trex panels, gates, hardware and kits, FDS also custom-builds Trex fencing products for our customers. If you want a fence that’s an unusual height or you are interested in a different style gate, we can either design it for you or build it to your specifications.

Trex Composite Fence Panels

Trex privacy fences are so popular because homeowners and business owners love them. They’re a perfect, long-term solution for keeping people in (or out) and providing the privacy you want.

Contact our Trex fencing company today with any questions you have about composite wood fences.