Traditional Vertical

Trex Selcusions fence system in Woodland Brown

Shown in Woodland Brown


Contemporary Horizontal

Trex Fencing with Horizons Horizontal Fence System

Shown in Saddle


Traditional Horizontal

Trex Fencing - Horizontal fencing with composite rails

Shown in Winchester Grey

Trex Fencing Products - Composite Privacy Fencing

Introducing Trex Fencing products, the fence systems from the leader in outdoor living materials. When you’re ready to make the leap to a beautiful, maintenance-free Trex privacy fence, see what we have to offer here at FDS, the nation’s top Trex fencing company.

If you’ve never seen a Trex fence, you’re missing out. In fact, you have probably seen many Trex fences and simply assumed they were wood fences since Trex is almost indistinguishable from natural wood. Trex is actually made of reclaimed wood and recycled plastic.

A synthetic fence lasts much longer than wood fencing — Trex composite comes with a 25-year limited residential or 10-year limited commercial warranty. Additionally, with a Trex privacy fence, you don’t have to worry about your fence rotting, becoming brittle, or being consumed by insects such as wood bees and termites. Trex fencing stays beautiful and intact for at least a generation — and you never have to paint or stain it.

Trex Privacy Fence Products

Trex fencing provides more privacy than a natural wood fence, because Trex never shrinks, splinters or cracks. Properly installed, the panels remain intact for as long as you own your fence. With wood, the pickets can shrink, warp, and crack, allowing outsiders to see onto your property.

A fully private Trex fence is ideal for backyards where children play or pets roam. Or, if you enjoy sunbathing by the pool or you simply want to keep prying eyes out, a Trex privacy fence is the best product for you!

Trex Fencing Is Better Than Vinyl

It’s true that vinyl doesn’t require the ongoing maintenance of a wood fence. But vinyl fencing is lightweight and easily yields to the pressures of the elements.

Trex fencing is thicker and heavier than vinyl, and in tests can withstand winds over 100 mph, even on its 8′ centers. Also, as much as manufacturers have modified the surface and coloring of a vinyl fence, it is still completely plastic, reducing its appeal as a natural looking outdoor feature.

On the other hand, Trex products are made of a wood-plastic composite, giving the fence a natural look.

Trex Privacy Fences: Vertical & Horizontal

FDS sells Trex in vertical fence and horizontal fence designs. Seclusions, the vertical system, is extremely popular for both homes and businesses. This traditional fencing choice looks just as nice on both sides — unlike the ubiquitous stockade style wood fence — so there is no “bad” side.

The Horizons horizontal Trex fencing system features a contemporary design, with the panels inserted into black metal frames, giving this fencing choice a sleek and modern look. This style of fence is a favorite in both cities and suburbs.

Trex Fencing: Perfect Everywhere

Composite wood fencing is perfect for any yard, but it’s an especially wise choice for those who live in humid climates or near the ocean because dampness and saltwater will not harm Trex fencing. However, if you live in this type of environment, you should consider upgrading to stainless-steel fasteners when you’re selecting your hardware (and stainless steel Horizons frames if you are selecting a horizontal fence) — these better resist rusting in damp and humid conditions.

If you have questions about Trex fencing products, feel free to email or call FDS, the country’s No. 1 composite fencing supplier.

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Compare Seclusions and Horizons

Trex Seclusions
Trex w/Horizons
Orientation of Pickets Vertical Horizontal
Installation Steps or follows contour of the ground Steps
Rails Aluminium sleeved with composite Black powder coated galvanized steel
Colors 3 natural colors 3 natural colors with black picture frame
Available Heights 2′ to 12′ 2′ to 12′
Post Spacing 96″ on center 97″ on center
Matching Gates Yes Yes

Note: If you live near salt water or areas of high humidity, Trex is an excellent choice for long-lasting fence. Trex composite components do not react with salt water so they will not degrade near bodies of salt or bracket waters. High humidity areas also do not typically negatively affect the composite material. However, the necessary metal components in the fence may be affected adversely by your local climate. We do not recommend using the standard zinc-coated steel fasteners used for Seclusions or Horizons in these environments. Alternatively, use stainless steel instead. Consult with local engineers or authorities to determine if your area is susceptible to high levels of metal rust or corrosion.

More About Trex Composite Fencing

Trex Fencing is the premier natural wood-alternative fencing product. It is a board on board, fully private, fence design that looks like stained natural wood. The interlocking picket design eliminates any warping, twisting, or gapping in the fence. Trex Fencing is made from 95% recycled materials while still being able to outlast and outperform other fence materials, like wood, vinyl, and other composites. Trex composite materials resist insect damage, will not rot, and can withstand hurricane-force winds. It cleans easily with soap and water and will never need to be painted or stained. Stop worrying about your fence. Start enjoying it with Trex.

Available in 3 colors

Trex Saddle Color
Trex Winchester Grey Color
Trex Woodland Brown Color

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