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Full List of all Horizons Components

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Whether you’re looking to protect an area of your lawn or would like to add an element of privacy to your yard, you can easily create a safe haven in your yard with a Trex horizontal fence. Shop the selection of Trex w/Horizons fence kits with FDS Fence Distributors to find the style, height, and color that fit your home best.

Trex horizontal privacy fence kits from FDS Fence Distributors offer a variety of colors and heights that can be tailored to fit your needs. You can find everything you need from fence panels to fence posts to the tiniest hardware components to keep your fence strong for years to come. If you’re not sure where to start while shopping for your Trex horizontal fence, contact FDS Fence Distributors at 1-877-700-8739 and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

Your Trex horizontal board fence kit comes with components that include your choice of privacy fence paneling. You can choose from single panels as short as three feet to as tall as eight feet tall or even wall toppers that are just two feet tall. Combine panels to create a horizontal outdoor fence that’s up to 12 feet tall for ultimate privacy. No matter the height of your fence, you can be confident that you’re getting a horizontal fence that can withstand the years of punishment dealt by the sun and wind where you live.

Even if you’re looking for privacy with your Trex horizontal fence, it’s important to have access to your yard. You can customize your gate with either a single or double gate panel. Additionally, you have the freedom to decide whether you’d like a standard width double gate or a large width to accommodate space for a car, boat, or RV. Find necessary hardware to complete your Trex Fence gate with a drop rod to prevent one side of your double gate from swinging or a gate latch. All Trex Fence hardware is made from galvanized steel in order to provide maximum strength and durability.

Complete the assembly and aesthetic of your fence with Trex posts and post caps. Not only do Trex Fence posts come with the confidence in durability that you would expect from a Trex composite fence, but Trex horizontal outdoor fences offer Trex steel post stiffeners as an option to provide extra reinforcement for your fence. The black mate iron post is another option for adding strength to your privacy Trex horizontal fence. Don’t let terrain keep you from building a fence where you’d like, because you can use concrete fence post mounts to place posts across paved areas of your yard. Top it all off with a Trex fence post cap of your choice. Choose from three designs that include a flat top, crown, or pyramid.

If you’re looking to put a Trex horizontal fence in your backyard, Trex composite components with the FDS-exclusive Horizons frames is a strong option with its composite build and post reinforcement options. Call FDS Fence Distributors today to get started. Our team is standing by at 1-877-700-8739. If you have further questions before starting, feel free to send a message using our online contact form or send an email to Info@TrexFencingFDS.com. We know you’ll love the look and strength that comes with Trex composite fencing.


The Horizons Fence System is an FDS Fence Distributors exclusive product and carries a separate warranty. Visit the warranty page for information regarding Trex and Horizons components.

Standard Horizons frames and fasteners are made of powder-coated, galvanized steel. Standard Horizons should not be installed within five miles of  a body of salt water or in close contact with the ground (adapt the bottom rail if necessary as described in the installation guide). Visit the warranty page for additional details. Stainless steel frame components are available as an alternative to standard Horizons frames and screws.

If the fence is being installed or has been installed in a hot, humid climate, the pickets may experience some deformation. In order to mitigate the possibility or to help correct the issue, a back bracing rail can be installed. For more information, contact our support team at 877-700-8739.