Trex Fence Bracket


  • Trex Fence Bracket Seclusions requires four per fence panel. Seclusions brackets allow straight, stepped, and sloped sections
  • Trex Fence Bracket Seclusions Angle Adapter attaches to the back of the Seclusions Fence Bracket allowing for left-or-right angles
  • Trex Fence Bracket Horizons requires two per fence panel and is only for the Horizontal Top Rail
  • Trex Fence Bracket Horizons brackets allow straight and stepped sections



The Trex fence bracket made for Trex Fencing has three designs available. The Trex Seclusions fence uses a fence bracket and an angle adapter (angle adapter are used for Seclusions and not for Horizons fence). There are four fence brackets per fence section. The Seclusions angle adapter attaches to the back of the Seclusions fence bracket. One angle adapter equals 22.5-degrees and two angle adapters equals just shy of 45-degrees.

The Trex Horizons fence only uses two fence brackets at the top to support the horizontal top rail. The Horizons horizontal bottom rail does not require fence brackets and uses fasteners for attaching to vertical rails.

Make sure to select the correct fence bracket depending on whether Seclusions or Horizons are the styles you are purchasing.

Trex Fence Bracket