Fence Post Mount for Concrete (Trex Seclusions/Horizons)


Post Mount Features:

  • Concrete Fence Post Mounts used with Trex fence posts for Seclusions and Horizons systems
  • 3.5-in. square base plate with welded 24-in. Z-mount tower made of galvanized steel
  • Used for mounting on concrete surfaces; Trex fence post sleeves over the tower
  • Requires four 1/2-in. concrete wedge anchors, not included
  • Warranty does not cover posts mounts; please verify that mounts will work for your application before purchasing
  • Not to be used for fences above 6′ tall


A Fence Post Mount is used to mount on concretes surface for fence Trex fence heights up to 6-ft. tall. The inner dimensions of a Trex fence post allows them to slide over the mounts easily. The Z-shape of the post allows the installer to attach fence rail brackets without the steel interfering with the fasteners.

Note: Be sure your concrete pad or wall can support a fence installation with the fence post mounts. A wall that is too narrow or short or a pad that is not thick enough could crack under the weight of the fence or because of wind movement. Consult with an engineer or local building authorities before mounting posts on top of concrete walls or pads.

Installing fence post mounts requires four 1/2-in. concrete wedge anchors. The anchors are not included and must be sourced elsewhere.

Fence Post Mount for Concrete (Trex Seclusions/Horizons)