Trex Horizons Horizontal Fence Frame Kit


Horizons Horizontal Fence Frame Kit Features:

  • Used for the Trex w/Horizons horizontal fence design; available in 6ft and 8ft heights
  • Frame kit includes: 2-Horizontal Rails, 2-Vertical Front Rails, 2-Vertical Back Rails, 2-Top Rail Fence Brackets, and fasteners
  • Frame kits do not include Trex components (shop for fence panel kits instead)
  • The rails can be cut to shorter lengths and heights (treat cut edges with rust-inhibiting black paint)
  • Made of galvanized steel and powder coated black in a matte finish


The Horizons horizontal fence frame kit was designed to create a contemporary horizontal fence using the ingenious design of the Trex interlocking pickets. The Horizons frame kits are available in both 6ft and 8ft heights. The frame kit can be attached to both the Trex fence composite post and/or to the Horizons steel fence post. The Horizons Fence System’s horizontal fence frame kit is backed with a five year limited warranty.

Trex Horizons Horizontal Fence Frame Kit