Trex Fence Post (Seclusions/Horizons)


Trex Fence Post Features:

  • Fence Posts (Seclusions/Horizons) from Trex can be used for all types of fencing applications besides Trex Fencing systems. Consider using Trex posts in place of wood or ornamental metal posts.
  • Perennial beauty available in three rich, natural wood-like colors
  • 5″x5″ Trex Fence post is manufactured in 8′, 9′, and 12′ lengths and is backed with a industry-leading Trex warranty
  • Trex fence post caps are sold separately


Buy Fence Posts from Trex for use with the Trex fencing systems as well as a myriad of other applications. The durable, elegant, and wood-like posts come in three natural colors.

Our sturdy composite posts are fence posts from Trex and are used with Trex Seclusions and Trex w/Horizons fence systems but may also be combined with wood fence sections, ornamental aluminum or ornamental iron (or steel) panels and even rail fencing. Trex fence posts are universal, meaning that they can be used for lines, ends, corners, and gates. Brackets attach to the posts to mount rails, typically Trex sections but any fence panel that uses brackets can be attached with regular screws. The Fence Posts will not rot, decay, warp, or twist. The posts have superior strength; they will not become brittle, crack, or break in extreme temperatures, and the Trex composite material is resistant to insects.

Buy fence posts by Trex because they are versatile and easy to install. The Trex fence posts are set in the ground with concrete just like a wood or vinyl post or they can be mounted on top of walls using towers / wall mounts (available in our store) or embedded pipe. Need to install a gate? No problem, we also sell steel post stiffeners to slide inside the fence post, giving you strength and the ability to attach hinges with self-tapping fasteners.

Trex fence posts are backed with a industry-leading Trex warranty. Buy Trex fence posts today and make this the last fence post you install!


Upgrade Wood Fencing with Trex Fence Posts

A fence with Trex fence posts and wood rails and picketsWhenever you use wood fence posts, rot is a concern. Even treated wood fence posts eventually degrade. It’s simply the nature of wood out in the elements to decompose. Not so with Trex posts. Trex posts are made of a composite fencing material consisting of wood particles, recycled plastics and a binding agent. It looks like real wood, but it lasts many years longer.

Trex is also superior to wood when it comes to the opposite problem — posts that become brittle from spending thousands of hours in the blazing sun. If you are still committed to installing a wood fence or your budget is limited, consider upgrading your posts to Trex. A wood fence post is the most likely component to rot first. Replacing the post is not only a labor nightmare, it is also the most expensive part of the fence. Using a Trex post instead of wood will give you a longer-lasting fence and when your wood pickets and rails need to be replaced, you will not have the expense and heavy labor necessary to replace the entire fence.

Brackets fasten to the Trex fence post with common wood exterior screws (or with screws sourced through third parties that are appropriate for attachment to wood materials). The thick, durable wall of the post will hold fasteners better than other products. Because the post cuts like wood, you can adapt the height of the post and do not need to precise in setting the post like you would be with a routed vinyl post.

Buy the Trex fence posts today for your next fence project!

Trex Fence Post (Seclusions/Horizons)

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