Upgrade Wood Fence Posts with Trex

Upgrade Wood Fence Posts with Trex 1

Why "Wood" You? Trex Posts offer Superior Performance and Longevity over Wood Fence Posts

Using Trex Posts rather than Wood Fence Posts for a Wood Fence is a Better Investment

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Upgrade your wood fence. Using Trex posts with your wood pickets and rails actually proves to be a better monetary value over time. Why? Because the Trex posts won’t degrade like wood. Consider that 4×4 treated pine, spruce, or cedar posts will not last as long as a Trex post. Therefore, a consumer continues to pay for a wood fence post over time, while a Trex post is viable for at least 25 years and costs are allocated only at the initial install. Here are points to think about prior to choosing a wood fence post vs. a Trex post:

  • 4×4 Cedar or Treated Pine posts typically will not last more than 12-15 years. Some fail in as little as 5-7. In almost all fences, some wood fence posts will fail during that span of time which means a consumer will spend at least a few hundred dollars to replace even just a few posts. Keep in mind that if a post has rotted out, the sections attached to that post will need to be disassembled, the broken post and concrete footer will need to be extracted, and a new post with concrete will need to be set. This will take several hours so a consumer can typically expect to pay a contractor’s mobilization fees, plus the cost of material, labor, and disposal. Even replacing one post could cost at least $200. Replacing several posts would reach well over $1,000 and if enough posts need to be replaced, it could actually make more sense to rebuild the entire fence. If you are a homeowner that intends to replace posts yourself, be prepared for back-breaking work. Digging up a concrete footer to replace even one post could take the better part of a day.
  • It isn’t just the rot that affects wood fencing. Wood fence posts will twist and crack. Insects will attack untreated wood. In all cases, a wood post simply won’t look as good as it ages compared to a Trex post.
  • Wood material prices are rising faster than inflation. That’s also becoming true for skilled labor. That means a wood post in the future will be more expensive than it is now even adjusted for inflation. Add to the fact that consumers don’t typically budget for future fence repairs until they start to see failure and that means there will be out of pocket costs down the road that will take a deeper dive into the wallet than they will today.
A fence with Trex posts and wood rails and pickets
A Wood Fence using Trex composite posts.

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Let’s look at a common scenario. In this case, the anticipated costs of owning wood fencing with wood posts over 15 years is compared to a wood fence with Trex posts.  A typical American suburban backyard has approximately 150 ft. of fencing. The average national price for a stockade style wood fence is around $24-$30 per foot. If we use $24 as our baseline, let’s compare a stockade wood fence with 4×4 posts to a stockade wood fence with Trex posts. A Trex post adds about $8/ft at the outset.

Stockade Wood Fence w/4×4 Wood Posts Stockade Wood Fence with Trex Posts
Initial Install  $                         24.00  $                         32.00
Replacing typical damaged posts @ Year 7-10  $                           5.00
Removal/disposal of posts @ Year 12-15  $                           3.50
New Fence Adjusted for inflation  $                         30.00  $                         17.50
Price per foot TOTAL  $                         62.50  $                         49.50
TOTAL project  $                   9,375.00  $                   7,425.00

In this example, the true cost of a stockade wood fence is higher once all factors are taken into consideration over a 15 year period. Keep in mind, even if you are comparing the true cost of wood fence in less than 10 years, you likely will have some post damage and will be performing spot fixes. In that short period of time, using Trex posts may be more expensive, but not significantly so. In the meantime, with Trex posts, you wouldn’t have had to look at decaying wood supports that cause the fence to lean or wobble, let alone present possible hazards.

The stately look of a Trex 5×5 post also gives the fence a more substantive appearance. Because Trex can be painted, it can match the color of the rest of the fence. With the post caps, you also have the ability to add a decorative flair for an otherwise boring post (alternatively, slim crown caps are available if the post will be hidden on the backside of the fence).

So, upgrade your fence with the logical choice. Choose Trex composite posts over wood posts to make your fence last longer and look better. And, if you decide to replace your wood fence panels with Trex in the future, the good news is you already have your posts set. Simply take down the wood panels and build your new Trex fence between the existing Trex posts.

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Upgrade Wood Fence Posts with Trex