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FDS Fence Distributors, Proud American Fence Association Member

A badge representing an American Fence Association member.

FDS Fence Distributors is proud to be affiliated with the American Fence Association (AFA) as a distribution member. The AFA is the fencing industry’s professional organization and provides training, certification, best practices, business tools, and other resources to ensure that members provide the best services and materials available in our market.

FDS became an American Fence Association member in the mid-1990s. Over the years, our membership evolved as our company did. Many of the practices used for Trex Fencing installations were developed from general fence installation principles learned from fencing industry methods and the AFA was an integral part of our professional education. Additionally, staff members in our company have served in leadership capacities with the AFA, offering support to American Fence Association members at the national level and in local chapters. As an American Fence Association member, we participate in annual conferences both as exhibitors and association stewards.

The American Fence Association began in the early 1960’s when a group of like-minded fence industry professionals organized to find common ground to meet business and trade needs. There are currently about 1,500 American Fence Association members and close to 20 chapters. Members are expected to adhere to well-defined ethical business practices and professional standards.

Over time, the organization developed educational curriculum that helped fence contractors acquire skills to elevate our trade. Technological developments, shifting consumer demands and resource allocation have constant impact on the fencing industry, and trade professionals like FDS are committed to leading the end user to the best products and services available today as well as those that will be developed in the future.

The Trex Fencing system is a perfect illustration of the evolution in fencing. Created in the mid-2000’s as an upgrade to wood and vinyl fencing, Trex was specifically designed to overachieve consumer demand in anticipation of the direction our industry was headed. Functionality is at the heart of fence’s purpose, of course, but design and creative adaptations are increasingly important to consumers. As members of the American Fence Association, we have been exposed to other members’ successes as well as the resources available through our organization. That has given us insights into ideas and practices that we have incorporated into our own company’s methods of doing business and the products we develop and offer.

FDS Fence Distributors counts its longevity as an American Fence Association member, as well as its association with other trade experts, building professionals, industry business leaders, manufacturers and suppliers, as reasons we have been able to evolve into the largest and most successful distributor of composite fencing materials. Trex Company itself looks to FDS for input on development projects, resolution of customer service inquiries and issues, and methods for marketing to fencing consumers.

If you are an industry professional, we invite you to visit us at the American Fence Association’s annual FENCETECH meetings. We exhibit every year and would love to show you the products we offer and how we can service your customers’ needs. If you are a consumer, we believe you will find us not only as a high-performing distributor but also as a company with staff led by fencing professionals that understand end user needs and can help guide you to make the best decisions for your future Trex Fencing purchases. You will also find that our staff has the technical acumen to help you understand fencing principles based on our years of experience as an American Fence Association member and as a company that historically has roots firmly planted in fence installation services.

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A picture of FDS Fence Distributors employees at the Trex Fencing booth at Fencetech Salt Lake City 2020

Some of our staff at the Trex Fencing booth in the FENCETECH 2020 exhibitor’s hall. FENCETECH conferences are held annually in various locations throughout the United States. We have exhibited at every conference since 2012.

American Fence Association Member