When to Choose Trex Privacy Fence Over Other Alternatives

A picture of Trex privacy fencing

Trex privacy fence is the perfect choice when you want a little space to yourself.

Building a privacy fence doesn’t have to be complex or costly, nor does it have to require a lot of ongoing maintenance or upkeep. Although wood fences are workable solutions when there are budget constraints, upgrading to Trex composite wood privacy fencing is the smart choice, and is even better for your pocketbook over its life. The expert team at Trex Fencing FDS has put together a list of reasons why it makes the most sense to choose Trex over other types of privacy fencing.

A picture of Trex privacy fencing

Feeling Handy?

Trex Fencing is designed with DIY in mind

From ordering to installation, we try to make the process as simple and intuitive as possible. With help from the right team (that’s us!), you can get your Trex Fence installed. Visit our Online Shop to see product and pricing information. You can order everything you need right from here. Click below to get started.

When You Want Uncompromised Privacy

Why build a privacy fence if you can’t enjoy the seclusion and security that should come with your investment? But, if you install a wood privacy fence, that is exactly what can happen. Wood pickets warp and shrink, opening up gaps in the fence panels. That never happens with Trex panels.

Trex privacy fence uses heavy-duty, interlocking pickets, so you never have to worry about gaps. With heights available up to 12’, you can keep pets and kids safely in while keeping unwanted eyes and uninvited visitors out.

When You Want Your Privacy Fencing to Last

Putting up any type of fencing is an investment in your property. It is also an investment of your time and money. The last thing you want is fencing that blows down in the next storm or that looks dated and worn after just a few years.

Trex Seclusions privacy fence withstands a variety of extreme weather conditions. In fact, our 6’ tall Seclusions fencing withstood 130 mph sustained winds and 147 mph wind gusts in a third-party test. Trex comes with a 25-year warranty, too, so you can rest assured it will stand strong for years or decades.

When You Want to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Trex fencing is available in three vibrant, long-lasting colors that are designed to enhance your property’s exterior appearance. Whatever color you choose, Trex over-pigments its product during manufacturing to ensure that after weathering the color your fence will remain, even decades from now.

One of the unique features of our composite wood privacy fence is that it looks the same on both sides. You don’t have to compromise and put the “nice” side facing out, toward your neighbors. You get to enjoy the good side of the fence – and so does your entire neighborhood.

Want to Hire An Installer?

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When You Want Minimum Maintenance & Maximum Value

Unlike wood fencing, which requires regular maintenance, repair and refinishing, Trex fence requires virtually no maintenance. Hose it down once a year if it needs it but, otherwise, you won’t have to spend any time on your fence once it’s up.

“Unlike wood fencing, which requires regular maintenance, repair and refinishing, Trex fence requires virtually no maintenance.”

You will spend a little more to install a Trex versus a wood privacy fence with a similar board-on-board, cap-and-trim design (although not that much more). But that’s where your investment stops. With a wood fence, you not only have to maintain it constantly, but you will find yourself replacing it in about 10 to 12 years, if not sooner. Trex includes a 25-year warranty, so you won’t be replacing it any time soon.

A Few Things to Remember Before Installing a Privacy Fence

Before you start digging post holes, make sure you take care of a few details first.

If your property is governed by a homeowners’ association, a set of bylaws or any type of deed restriction, check to see what you are allowed (and not allowed) to do, in terms of fencing. Likewise, check with the local building department or zoning authority to make sure you are in compliance with any of their codes or restrictions. In some locations, you need to pull a building permit in order to build some types of fencing.

Last, but certainly not least, talk to your neighbors. This is especially important if you plan to build fencing on the property line. Even if you won’t be building on the property line, you might just want to mention in advance that you will be doing a little home improvement project. Who knows – maybe they will even volunteer to give you a hand!

Choosing the Right Trex Privacy Fence for You

When you are ready to install the best looking, longest lasting fencing available today, call on Trex Fencing FDS. We can assist you will any of the high quality Trex composite fencing lines, including the popular Seclusions vertical fence.

This product is available in three stunning colors: Saddle, Woodland Brown and Winchester Grey. It uses standalone posts, so there is no need for using steel or wood post inserts. Seclusions uses interlocking pickets that never warp – so you never have to worry about compromising your privacy.

Seclusions vertical fencing is also incredibly versatile. You can cut any component to the desired height, ranging from 2’ to 12’. The bracketed system can accommodate any grade. With matching gates and your choice of post cap style, you can design the ideal fencing for any location.

All Trex products are simple to install but, if you prefer, we can also help you find a Trex privacy fence installation contractor in your area.

Contact Trex FDS today to learn more, or to request pricing for your Trex privacy fence.

Installation Resources

Our install resources walk you through step by step how to successfully complete your fence project. From videos to pdf's, we've got you covered. Click on the link below to see for yourself.

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When to Choose Trex Privacy Fence Over Other Alternatives