5 Reasons Trex Fencing is Better Than Wood

5 Reasons Trex Fencing is Better Than Wood

Trex Fencing’s composite material is often compared to wood fencing because of its natural beauty. But in every other way, Trex Fencing outperforms your average wood fence.

1. Trex is Private

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You can be comfortable in your yard, even when you live on a busy street.

5 Reasons Trex Fencing is Better Than Wood 2

All those holes and gaps are perfect for nosy neighbors and peeping toms.Most wood fences are built to be private, but that only lasts until the weather changes and the wood starts warping and shrinking. When wood pickets are installed side-by-side, they might seem tight and difficult to look through. However, over time, as the moisture content in the wood changes, it will expand and contract, and you’ll find gaps between the pickets. A board-on-board fence is often promoted as a method to cover up the shrinkage, but wood warps so this design still doesn’t provide full privacy as the fence ages.

On the other hand, the ingenious design of Trex Fencing’s interlocking pickets are specially engineered to provide total privacy. Even if slight changes occur, you’ll never have a gap in your Trex fence. (These unique pickets also make the fence “neighbor-friendly”, meaning the fence looks the same on both sides. You and your neighbor will no longer have to argue over who gets the nice side of the fence). Trex also gives you an advantage if you need additional privacy and security on top. Trex Fencing can be built up to 12 feet tall!

2. Trex is Strong

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This picture was taken by a happy customer whose Trex Fence stayed standing through a Texas tornado.

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Hurricane Irma made quite a mess with this old wood fence.The biggest issue of wood fences today is the quality of the lumber being used. Most of the wood comes from tree farms where the trees don’t have much time to strengthen and grow. This means wood fences are being built with less dense and less durable wood that will only weaken as it ages. But Trex Fencing doesn’t have that same problem. The composite is formulated and manufactured in a way that makes the material incredibly dense and stronger than wood. In fact, Trex Fencing has been tested to withstand hurricane-force winds.

3. Trex is Low Maintenance

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Spend less time on your fence, and more time enjoying your yard.

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A creative solution if you don’t want to paint your fence, but you also want your neighbor to stop complaining. Or you could just get a Trex Fence.If you’re someone who takes pleasure in painting or staining and sealing your wood fence every year, then wood fencing can be your labor of love. However, it’s a rare individual who enjoys repairing and replacing broken pickets and posts. For everyone else that hates the chore of maintaining their wood fence, they’ll appreciate the simple, minimal care a Trex Fence requires. The Trex composite material never requires painting or staining to maintain the color. Trex Fencing comes in 3 beautiful, natural colors that fade to their intended shade within a few weeks of installation. You’ll never apply a sealant to protect that color and the integrity of the material. Trex’s composite formula takes care of all that for you. And if your Trex fence gets dirty, just hose it off, and you’re good to go!

4. Trex is Resilient

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You deserve a fence that will stand the test of time.

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Replacing this with another wood fence doesn’t really solve the problem.Wood is an organic material that deteriorates over time. Even after treating it with heat, pressure, and chemicals, wood will inevitably decay. Factors like weather, insects, and maintenance will determine just how long a wood fence lasts, but the average lifespan is only 10 years. Alternatively, Trex Fencing comes with a 25-year Residential Warranty. We can guarantee our fences for at least 25 years because wood-plastic composite doesn’t rot like wood, doesn’t attract termites and carpenter ants like wood, and doesn’t crack and splinter like wood. Once your Trex Fence is installed, you can sit back and enjoy it for years to come.

5. Trex is Eco-Friendly

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Trex has never cut down a single tree to manufacture their fences.

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Wood fences have a negative impact on our environment.95% of Trex’s special composite formula comes from reclaimed materials. Not one single tree has ever been cut down to make a Trex Fence. When building a wood fence, cutting down trees contributes to the deforestation of old-growth trees or requires the use of inferior wood from tree farms (read this article to find out why that’s a huge deal). And it’s an even bigger waste of natural resources when your wood fence only lasts for a few years and requires a replacement. Fortunately, there’s a better option. In addition to the use of recycled materials like reclaimed sawdust and plastic grocery bags, Trex’s manufacturing process is also eco-friendly. Their factories are focused on reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. Trex Fencing is certified by the U.S. Green Building Council and qualifies for LEED points. Wood just can’t compete with that.

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This Trex Woodland Brown Trex Fence was installed right next to an old wood fence. Which would you rather have?

Trex is, by far, the superior fencing material. But there are some who will say, “Wood is cheaper and it’s good enough”. But here’s the thing: when accounting for the time and money you’d spend installing, maintaining, repairing, and replacing a wood fence over the years, wood is actually more expensive. And is a wood fence really “good enough” when it broken, rotting, and not even doing the job it was built for? Save yourself the headache, get Trex Fencing.

5 Reasons Trex Fencing is Better Than Wood