Trex Seclusions Fencing as a Security Fence

Trex Seclusions Fencing as a Security Fence

Trex Seclusions Fencing as a Security Fence

One of the most important features of a fence is security. People purchase fences to feel safe in their spaces and to keep both people and animals out. Trex Seclusions Fencing, a composite fence made from recycled wood and plastic, is uniquely designed with interlocking pickets that increase the strength and privacy of the fence.

“Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.” – Robert Frost

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The purpose of a security fence is to keep would-be intruders out of your property and alternatively to keep pets or small children in. However, there are 3 ways someone will bypass a regular wood, vinyl, or chain link fence: Climb over it, dig under it, or break through it. Fortunately, Trex Fencing can make these tasks especially difficult and can even stop unwanted guests.

1.  Over The Fence

If your fence can be climbed, it’s not a real security fence.  One of the key characteristics of Trex Seclusion Fencing is that it lacks what in the industry we call a “foothold.” There’s nowhere to put your feet in and help you climb up. Wood or iron fences with mid rails provide the perfect step-up for an intruder, animals, or even your kids to climb over the fence. A fence that is easily scaled is basically just a ladder into your yard, no matter the height.  You can add some barbwire to the top of your Trex Seclusions Fence and the lack of footholds will make it nearly impossible to climb*.

Trex Seclusions Fencing as a Security Fence 2

“A good neighbor is a fellow who smiles at you over the back fence, but doesn’t climb over it” – Arthur Baer

Trex Seclusions Fencing as a Security Fence 3

“It is no use asking me or anyone else how to dig… Better to go and watch a man digging, and then take a spade and try to do it.” – Gertrude Jekyll

2. Under The Fence

You don’t have a security fence if it can be dug under.  While any fence you purchase will focus on the above surface structure, there are measures you can take to make it harder to dig under such as mounting your Trex Fence on concrete (which is a popular application as shown above) or burying chicken wire to prevent animals digging underneath. In most cases, you’ll have an animal, rather than an intruder digging under your fence, but it still compromises you or your pet’s security.

3. Through The Fence

A fence that is easily broken is not a security fence. The vinyl fence is practically useless for security, and police are constantly dealing with reports of broken vinyl fences, ranging from teenagers destroying property for fun or a burglar attempting to gain access to people’s property. A chain link fence can be cut with pliers found in any store. The pickets of a wood fence are usually thin and will only weaken over time. A hammer or a good kick is usually enough to make a sizeable hole in a wood fence.

Trex Fencing is a very strong and durable material and it’s highly unlikely an adult, much less a teenager, will break through it. You can’t cut through it with pliers, and you’d need an electric saw to make a hole in the composite material. The interlocking pickets are also a key feature of Trex Fencing design, so you can’t just simply remove an individual picket, you’d have to dismantle the entire fence section. No one will be able to slip through a crack in a Trex fence, because there aren’t any.

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“The little pig began to pray. But Wolfie blew his house away. He shouted, “Bacon, Pork, and Ham! Oh, what a lucky wolf I am!” And though he ate the pig quite fast, He carefully kept the tail till last.” ― Roald Dahl, Revolting Rhymes

Trex Seclusions Fencing as a Security Fence 5

If you’re looking for a fence that offers security, you’ve come to the right place. Trex Seclusions Fencing has many incredible features, but perhaps the most important one is security. And you have the added advantages that Trex Fencing won’t decay like wood and thicker and denser than PVC vinyl. Most importantly, the design also makes it hard to climb and hard to break through, making it a very effective security fence. Trex Seclusions Fencing is an excellent choice to protect both your property and your loved ones.

If you have any questions about Trex Fencing or if you’re ready to get your project started, give us a call at 877-700-8739.

*It’s important to note that our other design, Horizons, is a horizontal fencing system and is easy to climb. So, if you are looking for a security fence, choose the Seclusions style.


Trex Seclusions Fencing as a Security Fence