Project Spotlight: Golden Spiral Design Office

Project Spotlight: Golden Spiral Design Office

Most people buy Trex Fencing because it is strong, beautiful, and low-maintenance. The fact that Trex Fencing is also eco-friendly, is usually just a perk, not a selling point. But when it came to the new office space for Golden Spiral Design, a green fence was their top priority.Florida architectural & interior design firm Golden Spiral Design focuses on sustainability in a beautiful and creative way. Of course, their home office had to reflect those same values. It’s been several years in the making and a Trex Fence was only part of the project. Golden Spiral Design found a condemned brownfield auto-garage in Boca Raton, Florida. Their goal was to transform the space into a work of art that gave back to the community and the environment. You can read more about this amazing building here: http://www.goldenspiraldesign.com/our-office/

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Before: condemned auto-garage

Project Spotlight: Golden Spiral Design Office 2

After: Golden Spiral Design officeTrex Fencing’s high-quality composite is actually 95% recycled wood and plastic. When Trex manufactures their fencing, they use reclaimed sawdust, wood pallets, plastic grocery bags, and plastic kitchen film. All of this material would’ve ended up in a landfill, but Trex uses it to make incredible fences.  But it’s not just their product that’s green, Trex’s manufacturing process is focused on eliminating harmful chemicals and reclaiming factory waste. In fact, the U.S. Green Building Council has awarded Trex Fencing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points that can contribute to a LEED-certified building. This distinction certifies that a building project is energy efficient, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

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Winchester Grey is a popular color in Florida and other coastal states.

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The modern style of Horizons complements the local flora planted around the perimeter.So when Emerald Skyline, a sustainability consulting firm committed to the built environment and the project’s sustainable consultants, went searching for an eco-friendly fence, the obvious choice was Trex Fencing. And while finding a LEED-certified fence was their priority, they also needed a fence that would match the beauty of their building, and provide the privacy and security needed for a commercial office. They decided on 6ft tall Trex Horizons, our horizontal style fence, in the color Winchester Grey. Emerald Skyline’s environmental architect, Abraham Wien designed the rolling security gate that allows access to the building.

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Installing Trex Fencing is very easy as the pickets cut just like wood.

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This rolling double gate is perfect for large driveways.Locals say this fence and the overall project has changed the character and appearance of the neighborhood. This was Golden Spiral Design’s first time working with Trex Fencing, but they love this beautiful new component to their building. If you’re in the Florida area, check out Emerald Skyline and Golden Spiral Design and learn more about Trex Fencing.It’s always nice to get positive feedback on a Trex Fencing project, whether the person loves the beauty it adds to their yard, or they are grateful for its strength in a recent storm, but this project is something special. Our fence was just one component to a much larger project dedicated to making our world a better place.

Project Spotlight: Golden Spiral Design Office