Product Availability for Q3-Q4 2021

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY FOR Q3-Q4 2021 In these unprecedented times, supply chains have been affected by the availability of materials and labor shortages. Unfortunately, Trex and other manufacturers that produce third party products used with Trex fencing have not been immune to these issues. At the same time, economic conditions have created a housing boom which has brought[…]

Top Benefits of Composite Fence Systems

A lot of homeowners think that a composite fence is ideal for increasing the level of privacy and safety on their property and living place. Composite fence panels are durable and specifically designed to enhance the exterior of your residence. Trex composite fence systems provide you with the utmost security and deters unwanted guests from[…]

Trex Fencing Combined with Masonry for Elegance

Examples of Masonry Combined with Composite Trex Fencing Since Trex Fencing is popular as perimeter fencing around communities, we often see buyers installing Trex between masonry or stone pillars either in-line or at entryways. The natural, stately look of Trex provides distinct appeal in these types of configurations.  If you are considering an installation on[…]

Sound Barrier Fencing with Trex Fencing

“A few years ago, the US Census Bureau did a survey on what people liked and disliked about their neighborhoods. What they found was that noise was Americans’ number one complaints about their neighborhoods [emphasis added]. The number one reason why they wish to move.” - Ted Rueter, interview for Business Insider Ask Our Trex Fencing ExpertsCall Today!Do you[…]

Trex Fencing with Ornamental Fence Paneling

Fencing for most homeowners is the ideal way to create privacy and security for one’s property.  Most opt for a full-privacy fence, separating private property from the public eye. One downside to traditional full-privacy fencing is it closes off the homeowner’s view of the area outside of the property. The homeowner may enjoy having a[…]

Trex Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation

Trex Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation As most of the world is finally winding down from the party-filled holiday season, we are still celebrating at Trex Fencing-FDS Fence Distributors! Why? Both Trex and FDS Fence Distributors are celebrating anniversaries in 2019! Trex and FDS have propelled each other throughout the years thanks to the innovation[…]

New Trex Fencing Installation Videos

New Trex Fencing Installation Videos Based on popular demand, Trex Fencing - FDS Fence Distributors has produced how-to Trex Fencing installation videos for both Trex Seclusions and Trex w/Horizons Fence Systems.  Trex Fencing has never been easier to install with FDS Fence Distributors’ new installation resources walking you through every step. Click the videos above[…]