Trex Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation

Trex Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation

As most of the world is finally winding down from the party-filled holiday season, we are still celebrating at Trex Fencing-FDS Fence Distributors! Why? Both Trex and FDS Fence Distributors are celebrating anniversaries in 2019! Trex and FDS have propelled each other throughout the years thanks to the innovation and expertise on both sides. With Trex turning 25 and FDS turning 30, we are very excited by how far we’ve come and want to look back at our journey.  

Trex Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation 1

FDS Fence Distributors begins in 1989

FDS Fence Distributors began operations in 1989 as a fencing contractor.  Over the years, we expanded our business to service both fence and deck clients. That’s where our relationship with Trex began. Our original company was one of the first contractors to install Trex decking in the Western United States way back in the 1990s, and in the early 2000s, we partnered with Trex to design the Trex fencing system.

Over the years, we grew with Trex. Our operations expanded to include materials sales and eventually national distribution. In 2018, our client base grew by over 55% and we expect the growth to continue in our anniversary year. Trex fencing customers can be found in every part of the country!

Trex forms in 1996

Trex formed in 1996 from a Mobile Corporation business unit specializing in research and development. As an independent company, Trex went public in 1999 (NASDAQ:TREX).  Since its beginnings, Trex has sought to innovate the outdoor composite materials industry. It has consistently led with the best products. Even during difficult times when the economy has not been friendly or product issues required resolution, Trex adapted and consistently improved over the years. The company now accounts for 50% of all composite decking sales. And in fencing, Trex’s design and product performance is second to none. 

Trex collaborates with FDS on Seclusions Fence System in 2003

Early on, FDS recognized the unique benefits of composite materials as decking boards. FDS installed and advocated for Trex decking as a Trex ProPlatinum installer and regional dealer. When Trex decided to branch out its product line to include fencing, FDS was invited to collaborate with Trex to create the innovative fence.  We were adamant that the fence had to meet high expectations in durability, design, and functionality. Trex engineers rose to the occasion and created Seclusions, the fully private fence system. Unlike other composites, Trex has focused on all aspects of a successful fence system, not just the appealing low-maintenance benefit. A fence that doesn’t require regular maintenance but isn’t very sturdy or attractive doesn’t provide full value. Trex Seclusions is popular specifically because it does so much more than competitors that for the most part are either no longer in business or have relegated themselves to economy options through lumber retail outlets.

Trex Seclusions Fence launches in 2005

When the Trex Seclusions Fence launched, it made history as the first full composite fence.  The unique interlocking picket design, reinforced rails, and durable posts make it exceptionally superior to other fencing systems such as wood, vinyl, and other manufactured materials.

In 2006 FDS installs the first Trex fence in Provo, Utah

The first Trex Seclusions fence was installed in Provo, Utah in 2005, becoming the poster child for Trex Fencing across their national marketing campaigns. Seclusions continues to set the benchmark today for the successful implementation of innovative product design. 

FDS partners with Trex in 2011

To further establish the footprint for the Seclusions fencing product, Trex officially brought on FDS Fence Distributors for national distribution. Trex’s specialty is manufacturing so a partnership made sense. We can reach clients through a special order program that is not sustainable for a large manufacturer. Our partnership has allowed Trex fencing sales to grow by at least 25% year-over-year. Consumers love the ease of ordering the product through our vast network of suppliers and contractors.

Trex Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation 2

At only 25 and 30, Trex and FDS respectively have accomplished a lot and become an impressive power couple! The partnership continues to flourish with FDS going on to advance Trex Fencing growth with new additions to the product line including a gate system and, of course, the Horizons Horizontal Fence System.  Happy Anniversary to both Trex and FDS Fence Distributors and here’s to many more years of innovating the fencing world!