Vertical Back Bracing Rail for Horizons

Vertical Back Bracing Rail to Horizons For Bowed and Warped Pickets If the Horizons fence pickets are bowing or warping after an installation is complete, a vertical back bracing rail can be applied. This part helps to bring the pickets back into alignment. On the back side of the fence, screw the bracing rail to[…]

Avoiding Underground Risks to Your Fence

General Primer on Trex Fence Gates and Requirements While many fence owners are cognizant of the risks and damage types their fences face above the ground, there are some who may occasionally gloss over a different risk type: Underground fence damage. What you see on the surface of your fence doesn't always match what's going[…]

Product Availability for Q3-Q4 2021

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY FOR Q3-Q4 2021 In these unprecedented times, supply chains have been affected by the availability of materials and labor shortages. Unfortunately, Trex and other manufacturers that produce third party products used with Trex fencing have not been immune to these issues. At the same time, economic conditions have created a housing boom which has brought[…]

When to Choose Trex Privacy Fence Over Other Alternatives

General Primer on Trex Fence Gates and Requirements While traditional fencing materials and our Trex composite fencing products don't share too many qualities, there are some features that are near-universal in many fence settings. One great example here is the fence gate, which will be a vital piece of a fence installation for numerous property[…]

American Fence Association Member

FDS Fence Distributors, American Fence Association Member FDS Fence Distributors is proud to be affiliated with the American Fence Association (AFA) as a distribution member. The AFA is the fencing industry's professional organization and provides training, certification, best practices, business tools, and other resources to ensure that members provide the best services and materials available[…]

When to Choose Trex Privacy Fence Over Other Alternatives

Trex privacy fence is the perfect choice when you want a little space to yourself. Building a privacy fence doesn’t have to be complex or costly, nor does it have to require a lot of ongoing maintenance or upkeep. Although wood fences are workable solutions when there are budget constraints, upgrading to Trex composite wood[…]

6 Reasons Composite Wood Fence Is Better than Wood

Although composite wood fence has the same warm and natural appearance of wood fence materials, that is where these materials’ similarities end. Trex Fencing FDS, the industry leading distributer of highly sought-after, industry-leading material, offers a full wood composite fencing system. Blended from a combination of wood and recycled content, this material offers a host[…]