Steel post stiffeners with base plates

Steel post stiffeners with base plates

Post Mounts to Attach Trex Posts to Concrete Walls or Pads

While Trex posts are designed to be stand-alone posts in most applications, there are certain scenarios in which a steel reinforcement would be necessary. For instance, stiffeners must be used for the post on the hinge side of a Trex gate. For applications where Trex posts need to be mounted on a wall or concrete pad, post stiffeners can be used to secure down to the structure and then sleeve the Trex posts over.

We offer steel post stiffeners of various sizes that include a welded base plate so that the stiffener can be anchored to the concrete. The height of fence and the environmental conditions where you are installing the fence will determine the type of concrete mount you need.

NOTE: Concrete posts mounts offer a solution where Trex posts cannot be installed with in the ground. However, be sure that the method you are using to install your fence will be viable for the application. For example, mounting a fence on a concrete pad in a windy area could be problematic because the wind force could destablize and break your concrete or even the mount itself. If there are any doubts, we recommend consulting with an engineer before installing your fence.

Z-Post Mounts for heights up to 6′ tall in normal conditions

These mounts work well for most applications. For windy areas or fences taller than 6′, consider a heavy duty stiffener instead.

  • For a 6’H fence, consider our standard galvanized 24” mount with 3.5” x 3.5” base plate and holes that are 9/16” in diameter*.
  • Click here to download product sheet.

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Heavy Duty Concrete Post Mounts

For conditions that require stronger stiffeners, we offer heavy duty 7 gauge post stiffeners with a welded base plate to anchor the stiffener to the concrete. These square tube attached to the base plate is the same as is used for our the hinge posts for large or tall gates. Note: the heavy duty stiffeners are different from the C-channel 12-gauge stiffeners that are used for our standard gates.

  • The galvanized heavy duty post stiffener comes in either 42″, 66″, and 90″ heights, and have an outer dimension of 3.5” x 3.5”*.
  • The galvanized plate that is welded to the base of the stiffener is 8” x 8” and is 3/4” thick. The plate holes are 3/4” in diameter and fit a 5/8” anchor*.
  • Click to download drawing for Heavy Duty Steel post stiffeners with base plate.

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Heavy duty stiffeners with base plates are not available for order on our website, but can be ordered by calling our sales associates at 877-700-8739. Our sales team members are also technical experts and can help answer any questions you have for your project, including how to make sure your fence is installed in a way to ensure structural integrity.

* Note: Steel post stiffeners and the base plate installation methodology are not included in standard installation guidelines and are not covered by warranty. Consult an engineer before you install your fence if you have any concerns about the viability of an installation using post mounts.