Construction Industry Forecast in 2022

Construction Industry Forecast Preface If there's anything that can define the state of the economy since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it would be volatility. Supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, high inflation, frequently adapting health policies to defend against new virus variants, and local and international political intrigue pop up like creatures in a[…]

Project Spotlight: Enclosures with Trex Fencing in VA Medical Center (Grand Junction, CO)

The VA Hospital in Grand Junction, CO offers full service medical care to over 35,000 veterans. Trex Fencing for VA Medical Center Trex Fencing materials were used to install a utility equipment enclosure for the The Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Grand Junction, Colorado. Trex Fencing utility enclosures are cost-effective alternatives to finished[…]

Trex Fencing vs Other Products

Trex Fencing vs Other Products There are a lot of fence choices, but when it comes to low-maintenance, durability, and aesthetics, nothing competes with Trex Fencing. When all of the attributes a fence should have are added up, Trex checks off more boxes than the competition. Why an HOA Selected Trex Fencing Here's a real[…]