Trex vs PVC vinyl

From Troy to Trex: A Journey Through the Evolution of Fencing

From Troy to Trex: A Journey Through the Evolution of Fencing Fencing has a rich and varied history that stretches back thousands of years. While it is difficult to say exactly when humans first began using fences to protect their property or establish boundaries, the archaeological record suggests that fencing was already well established in[…]

Trex Fencing Pickets – A Smart Design

Trex fence pickets interlock to provide full privacy, a distinct appearance, and better durability. This view shows how pickets interlock before the top rail is placed over them. A District Design One of the best features of the Trex Fencing product is the Trex Fencing pickets design. At first glance, the pickets look like overlapping[…]

Project Spotlight: Trex Fencing Seclusions in Nelson Labs (Taylorsville, Utah)

An Installation Example of Trex Fencing Seclusions Nelson Laboratories, located in Salt Lake City, acquired Trex Fencing to place around the perimeter of its property and along the South Jordan Canal Trail. The project was completed in two phases and included approximately 800 ft. of fence. Trex Fencing Seclusions in the color Winchester Grey was[…]

Trex Fencing vs Other Products

Trex Fencing vs Other Products There are a lot of fence choices, but when it comes to low-maintenance, durability, and aesthetics, nothing competes with Trex Fencing. When all of the attributes a fence should have are added up, Trex checks off more boxes than the competition. Why an HOA Selected Trex Fencing Here's a real[…]

Trex vs Vinyl: 7 Reasons Trex Fencing is Better Than PVC Vinyl

Trex vs Vinyl PVC Vinyl fencing (also known simply as vinyl fencing) is a manufactured product introduced a couple of decades ago as an alternative to wood.  Plastics have replaced natural products in many ways primarily because they are relatively inexpensive and because they currently won't biodegrade. Outdoor structures made from wood, like decks or[…]