Trex Fencing vs Other Products

Picture of side-by-side Trex, PVC vinyl, other composite, and masonry materials

Trex Fencing vs Other Products

There are a lot of fence choices, but when it comes to low-maintenance, durability, and aesthetics, nothing competes with Trex Fencing. When all of the attributes a fence should have are added up, Trex checks off more boxes than the competition.

Why an HOA Selected Trex Fencing

Here’s a real world scenario where a customer did a thorough evaluation and came to the conclusion that Trex was the correct fit overall. A homeowners association (HOA) in Vancouver, British Columbia was in need of durable perimeter fencing for the community. The HOA requested three full displays from various manufacturers be installed. This gave the HOA board members the opportunity to evaluate and choose the best option. Sections of Trex Seclusions Fencing, a simulated rock fence, and a PVC vinyl fence were installed. After inspecting the materials, the HOA board members expressed their admiration of the Trex fencing design and how its matte surface resembled a real, painted wood fence. The report from the board’s liaison was that the participants were impressed with the solid feel of the Trex fence compared to the other two panels. They tried pushing and bouncing into the fence to simulate what would likely happen in the yards that backed to the fence, but Trex was too solid to break.

Trex Fencing Compared to Vinyl and Wood

The density of a Trex Fencing section is four times thicker than a PVC vinyl fence. Trex is not prone to the breakage and brittle nature of vinyl fencing. Compared to wood, Trex Fencing will not age poorly and become dilapidated over time. A wood fence typically starts requiring significant repairs and maintenance within a decade of installation and will most likely need to be replaced within 15 years. A major benefit of Trex Fencing over wood fencing is that it will continue to look elegant as time passes. Other than an occasional cleaning, if necessary, Trex does not require attention like wood. The messy weekends wasted staining or painting are gone with Trex Fencing since the color will remain throughout its life.

Make the Upgrade to Trex

There are many low-maintenance, utilitarian fence products like PVC vinyl, stockade/dog-eared composite, simulated rock and masonry that primarily serve their purpose as a fence. However, as far premium fences on the market, Trex Seclusions Fencing is in a class of its own. Like superior products in other industries, Trex carries a higher price tag but to put it in perspective, Trex has substantially more physical mass in it as in a PVC Vinyl fence. You can feel the difference when holding vinyl material in one hand and Trex in the other.

When comparing fence products, price is almost always just a budgetary factor, not a value consideration. Most products, fences included, are priced according to the features these intend to provide. The innovative design, individual components, and wood-like features of Trex Seclusions Fencing is not offered in other fence manufactured fence products. When you think of your next fence, upgrade to Trex, the composite fencing from the leading outdoor living composite manufacturer.

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Trex Fencing vs Other Products