Trex Fencing: A Wind Resistant Fence

Clip art image of a Trex Fence standing up to high winds while trees are being blown hard behind the fence.

Trex is substantially more durable in high winds than PVC Vinyl. Both fences provide low maintenance in normal conditions, but in areas with extreme wind loads, the thicker posts and interlocking pickets give a Trex fence the edge with the ability to resist being blown over.

A Trex fence in the background is still standing while a PVC vinyl fence in front has been blown out due to high winds.

One of the virtues of Trex – and one of the primary reasons it is so popular throughout the United States and Canada – is its resistance  against damage from the elements. In particular, the product is a solid solution for high wind areas. While most people don’t live in constant winds over 80 mph, there are definitely areas where the wind is more prone to blow excessively and property damage is always a possibility. With Trex, you have one less element on your property that you need to worry about in those circumstances.

Trex has been tested for high wind performance

In a 2020 test, Trex Fencing was subjected to high wind loads to test performance. The test, conducted by Intertek Building & Construction, evaluated the results of high winds on the 6′ H x 8′ W and 8′ H x 8′ W configurations of Trex Seclusions. In summary, here are the results:

6×8 Fence

  • 130 mph sustained wind speed
  • 147 mph nominal / 190 mph ultimate 3-second gust wind speed

8×8 Fence

  • 100 mph sustained wind speed
  • 116 mph nominal / 149 mph ultimate 3-second gust wind speed

Trex Fencing Wind Testing Video

This is quite possibly one of the most boring videos you will ever watch, but it is important from an engineering standpoint as it shows the full wind testing event for Trex Fencing. The video demonstrates an 80+ speed point and 110+ speed point. You’ll notice the flex in the pickets at the high wind speeds. Besides the density and inherent strength of the material, the interlocking picket system creates powerful resistance against the force of the moving air. This ensures that they not only won’t break, but that they will stay in place. If you live in high wind areas, you can have the peace of mind that the strength and durability of a Trex fence will withstand extreme elements.

Please note that Trex Fencing, like any product, has a proper way that it needs to be installed and maintained. Improper installation or using the fence for a purpose other than for what it was designed for can not only cause the product or the surrounding elements in the property to fail, it could void the warranty. Please refer to the installation instructions for guidance on how to properly install Trex Fencing.


Image panning across a Trex Fence next to a building

View Wind Load Reports

6' and 8' tall

A thumbnail screenshot of the Wind Load Test Report for Trex Fencing

Trex Fencing: A Wind Resistant Fence