Project Spotlight: Trex Fencing Seclusions in Nelson Labs (Taylorsville, Utah)

An Installation Example of Trex Fencing Seclusions

Nelson Laboratories, located in Salt Lake City, acquired Trex Fencing to place around the perimeter of its property and along the South Jordan Canal Trail. The project was completed in two phases and included approximately 800 ft. of fence. Trex Fencing Seclusions in the color Winchester Grey was chosen and the fence height was 6 ft. tall.

The fence provides a barrier between a canal and parking lots. Additionally, there are homeowner properties that back to part of the Nelson Labs property, so Trex was selected to provide full privacy and an attractive backdrop for the neighbors. Trex has the same appearance on both sides and no exposed framing or fasteners.

The pictures in this post are a good example of how the product ages since the fence was installed more than five years ago. One of the most frequently asked questions is what to expect when the product changes from its manufactured color to its intended weathered color.  To achieve the light (similar to slate or coastal grey) color of Winchester Grey, the product is over-pigmented during its production. It starts with a brownish hue when new. After exposure to the sun for several weeks, the fence will settle into its natural color. For more information on color, see our color information page.

Commercial projects like this one are a perfect case study for the usage of Trex Fencing for parking lots. The low-maintenance aspect of the fence – it doesn’t require painting or staining, and it won’t rot or warp – makes it popular since commercial property owners typically don’t have maintenance crews who handle the type of annual upkeep required from wood fences. Outsourcing that type of work can be costly, time consuming, and disruptive since it typically means cordoning off parking lot space while the work is being done and the risk of overspray hitting vehicles, buildings, plantings, etc.

Trex is also incredibly durable. Whether it is high winds, incidental contact with the fence by passers-by, or just the general impact of the elements over time, Trex is a long-lasting fence that will maintain its beautiful appearance and serve its purpose for years to come.

For more information on this project or for interest in Trex Fencing for a commercial application, please contact our team of Trex Fencing experts: 877-700-8739 | Contact Us.

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Project Spotlight: Trex Fencing Seclusions in Nelson Labs (Taylorsville, Utah)