Client story

Privacy Fence Project Spotlight in Goddard School (Ellicott City, MD)

Trex Fencing is perfect for schools. Trex is fully private, secure, and durable ... and it never needs to painted or stained. Save valuable school funds by avoiding maintenance! The Goddard School for Early Childhood Education and Development in Ellicott City, Maryland selected Trex Fencing to provide privacy and security on a portion of its[…]

Project Spotlight: Enclosures with Trex Fencing in VA Medical Center (Grand Junction, CO)

The VA Hospital in Grand Junction, CO offers full service medical care to over 35,000 veterans. Trex Fencing for VA Medical Center Trex Fencing materials were used to install a utility equipment enclosure for the The Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Grand Junction, Colorado. Trex Fencing utility enclosures are cost-effective alternatives to finished[…]

Project Spotlight: A Safe Fence for Children (Santa Fe, NM)

Schools and childhood development centers rely on Trex Fencing to provide privacy.  It's durable materials are perfect for a school's playground area. Does your school need a tall fence? Trex is versatile and can be built up to 12 ft. heights. Trex Fencing: A Safe Fence for Children   The Children, Youth and Families Department[…]

Project Spotlight: Love’s Travel Stops

Trex Fencing for Love's Travel Stops If you’ve done any driving in the United States, chances are you’ve probably filled up at a Love’s Travel Stop. Love's is rapidly expanding, putting new facilities in across the nation. As part of that expansion, Love's is upgrading their fence options and including Trex for trash compactor enclosures[…]

Project Spotlight: Surfside Colony, CA

Trex Fencing for Surfside Colony, Seal Beach California A simple search of “beach fence images” returns tranquil pictures of driftwood sticks tied together with a bit of wire, wavy and windblown, along a beach. These quintessential images exude an easy-going and relaxing vibe that is perfect for your computer’s wallpaper. These beach fences make for[…]