Trex Fencing: Before and After

Trex Fencing: Before and After 1
We frequently get requests to compare what a property looks like before and after a Trex fence is installed. Some contractors and homeowners have graciously supplied some of their project pictures that demonstrate those changes so we’ve placed them in the BEFORE AND AFTER section in our Gallery.


Trex Fencing: Before and After 2

The pictures in this post are from a project where chain link, vinyl, and wood were replaced with Trex Fencing in Woodland Brown.  The landscaping is only partially done, but it will give you a good sense of how Trex has already improved the property.

In an informal survey, most customers reported that the primary reason they selected Trex was because of its aesthetic appeal. Attributes such as longevity, warranty, and recycled content are all very important, but a fence that isn’t attractive is limited to its function as a barrier. If design or attractiveness didn’t matter to consumers, a cheaper, less interesting alternative would suffice. In actuality, the look of a property is important to most of us. That’s why we invest money in the appearance our landscape, home and building exterior, decks and patios, etc. Trex Fencing was designed based on this principle. The appearance of the fence is just as important as the function it serves.


Trex Fencing: Before and After 3

Since wood is the traditional material of choice, most structures replaced by Trex Fencing are wood fences. So, the pictures in the inspiration gallery include properties where older wood fences that have fallen into disrepair or simply require more effort to maintain than the customer cared to continue doing. You can see the dramatic difference.

By the way, we’re always looking for more pictures of Trex Fencing. If you’d like to submit them to post on this site, on our Facebook page, or our Pinterest boards, send them to us at info@trexfencing.com.


Trex Fencing: Before and After