6 Reasons Composite Wood Fence Is Better than Wood

Composite wood fence

Although composite wood fence has the same warm and natural appearance of wood fence materials, that is where these materials’ similarities end.

Trex Fencing FDS, the industry leading distributer of highly sought-after, industry-leading material, offers a full wood composite fencing system. Blended from a combination of wood and recycled content, this material offers a host of advantages as compared to virtually any other type of fence – including wood.

These are just six of the reasons why homeowners and businesses around across the country are choosing Trex composite fencing over wood.

6 Reasons Composite Wood Fence Is Better than Wood 1No. 1: Durability

Trex makes the most durable non-wood fencing materials available today.

Although no material is 100% wind-proof, Trex definitely comes close. But just how much wind can Trex Fence withstand? An 8’ wide Trex Seclusions panel at a 6’ height has been tested for 130 mph sustained winds. It can withstand sustained winds of 130 mph and gusts up to 147 mph. This data is well-supported, thanks to the wind testing conducted by third party engineering from Intertek.

Wood fencing, most commonly built with 4×4 posts, can rarely stand up against high winds. The 5×5 Trex post has greater strength especially over time because it will not rot (and therefore weaken) like a wood post. An additional benefit of composite material is its flexibility. Unlike wood, which can snap in high winds because of its rigidity, Trex flexes with the buffeting without breaking.

Trex also stands up significantly better to other threats, such as sun exposure, temperature extremes, moisture and pests. Wood ages quickly, even if you are diligent about maintenance. Wood shrinks, becomes faded and brittle, and frequently requires repairs. It warps, rots, splinters and is highly susceptible to termite damage.

Wood fence rarely lasts more than 10 years and can fail in as little as 5-7 years, even under the best conditions. With the Trex industry-leading warranty, you can rest assured that your composite wood fence will last for decades.

6 Reasons Composite Wood Fence Is Better than Wood 2No. 2: Eco-Friendliness

Despite its natural beauty, wood fencing is simply not sustainable, and truly isn’t an environmentally conscious choice today.  Trex Fencing, by comparison, has been green since before most people knew what the term meant.

Trex is manufactured using more than 95% recycled materials. In fact, Trex single-handedly keeps more than 500+ million pounds of plastics and wood from landfills every year.

If you choose wood fencing, you will be constantly using chemicals (such as paints, stains and sealants) to keep the material from deteriorating. Choose a Trex system and the most you’ll need in most cases is an occasional hose-down to wash away the dust.

6 Reasons Composite Wood Fence Is Better than Wood 3No. 3: Beauty

With Trex fencing, you will enjoy the natural beauty of wood for the life of your fence. Our materials are designed to mimic the warm beauty of finished wood, and in fact, many people can’t tell one material from the other.

Whereas wood looks great when it’s new but quickly deteriorates, Trex retains its appearance for the life of the material. To keep wood looking good, you must repair and reseal frequently, usually once a year. Even then, it won’t retain it’s like-new appearance and in the period before the next maintenance project, the fence grows increasingly unattractive. Trex, however, ages gracefully looking nearly as good several years later as it does the day it is installed.

6 Reasons Composite Wood Fence Is Better than Wood 4No. 4: Maintenance Requirements

Speaking of keeping your fencing looking good, Trex fencing systems require virtually no maintenance – ever. Most people hose down their fence from time to time, if dust or dirt accumulates, but this is an aesthetic preference – not a maintenance requirement.

As we mentioned, with wood, you must stain or paint every year in most locations. This typically requires a pressure washing first, followed by any necessary repairs. Repairs may involve removing and patching areas of rot, replacing broken slats, treating pest damage, etc. Even then, you must regularly inspect wood fencing throughout the year, lest some type of damage or degradation need attention outside of your annual maintenance tasks.

6 Reasons Composite Wood Fence Is Better than Wood 5No. 5: Privacy

Another practical aspect of Trex is the level of privacy its interlocking pickets provide. The pickets of a wood fence are typically butted together during installation to give full privacy, but as the wood ages it dries out and shrinks leaving gaps between the pickets. Wood will also twist and warp as it deteriorates leaving unsightly gaps that look terrible and compromise your privacy.

No. 6: Value

Although you typically will pay more for Trex composite wood fencing materials than you will for wood (depending on the type of wood and the style of fence you decide), the value of Trex is significantly higher.

Once your Trex fence is installed, you won’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs (under standard use, of course) for about a quarter-century. In fact, Trex products are guaranteed to be free from material defects in workmanship and materials for 25 years in a residential setting (10 years in a commercial installation). The manufacturer warrants that your fence will not split, splinter, rot or suffer structural damage from termites or fungal decay.

Good luck finding anyone who will provide more than a one- or two-year guarantee for wood fence. You will have to invest the time and money (or pay to hire someone) to repair, re-seal and repaint your wood fence every year. Even with diligent maintenance, you will still have to significantly repair or replace wood fencing in a much shorter period of time than a Trex fence.

When you think about it in these terms, one Trex Fence installation is the value equivalent of two or more wood fence installations.

Trex Fencing FDS is the nation’s expert on Trex wood composite fence. You can buy Trex online, directly from our secure and user-friendly website, including our popular Seclusions design and the Horizons fence that integrates Trex composite components with an FDS-exclusive metal frame for a distinct horizontal fence. Contact us now to learn more. We have all the resources you need to get the beautiful, long-lasting wood composite fence you’ve been wishing for.

6 Reasons Composite Wood Fence Is Better than Wood