Before & After Wood Fence Upgrade in Southern California

A picture of a backyard with Trex Fencing after installation

Before and After: A Wood Fence Upgrade to Trex Fencing in California

A picture of a dilapidated wood fence before upgrading it with a Trex Fence
A picture of a backyard with Trex Fencing after installation

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A California backyard is transformed with an upgrade to Trex Fencing

Here’s an example of a before and after project in Chino Hills, California where the homeowner decided to replace a dilapidated wood fence with a Trex composite privacy fence. The upgrade to the homeowner’s backyard included the installation of the Trex fence on a steep slope, demonstrating the versatility of the Trex Seclusions fence system. To add a distinct flair, the homeowner chose Woodland Brown posts and Saddle rails and pickets. The installer did a phenomenal job and the beautiful, clean lines of the fence installation will give the homeowner peace of mind and the ability to eliminate maintenance budgets over the years.

There’s something immensely satisfying about looking at pictures of projects before and after they are completed. These images show the stark contrast of what a yard can look like before tearing out a wood fence and after installing a new Trex fence.

For years, wood fencing was the best option for privacy fencing. It was easy to get, relatively inexpensive, and simple to build. However, wood lumber, which is essentially dead organic material, has always been prone to natural decay and insect damage. Fast forward to the latest generation and building a fence with wood is even more problematic. The intense demand for building materials has made it more difficult to find readily available quality wood. Increased demand and smaller supply has forced prices higher. Lumber is also generally lower quality as it is cut from fast growth trees. The lumber produced from these trees tends to warp and twist, and will rot faster than old growth wood.

Before and after installing a Trex Fence, the anticipation of the upgrade and its final result don’t need to be stressful, by the way. A Trex fence is easy to install and most contractors can do the job in just a few days.



Necessity creates opportunities for innovation. Since entering the building market in the early 1990’s, Trex has seen the need for consumers to replace wood as the principle type of material used for fencing. Trex’s composite products give consumers superior alternatives to wood. Homeowners no longer have to live with fences that will consume time and budgets over the years or that will fall into disrepair with neglect.

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A Trex Fence next to a rotting wood fence

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