Trex Fencing with Ornamental Fence Paneling

Trex Fencing with Ornamental Fence Paneling

Fencing for most homeowners is the ideal way to create privacy and security for one’s property.  Most opt for a full-privacy fence, separating private property from the public eye. One downside to traditional full-privacy fencing is it closes off the homeowner’s view of the area outside of the property. The homeowner may enjoy having a view of the neighborhood or allowing passersby a view of their home.  What is the ideal fencing option that combines security with visibility? The solution combines two unlikely material, Trex Fencing posts, and ornamental fence paneling.

Ornamental fence panels are an excellent way to join both of these fencing variables. The sturdy aluminum or iron frames create a strong barrier between private property and the public, while allowing visibility between the two.  But wait. Don’t want to have an ornamental fence that matches every other? Luckily Trex Fence posts can be incorporated into this fencing design to create a unique and equally durable fence.

Trex Fencing with Ornamental Fence Paneling 1

Combine the elegant and clean aesthetic of ornamental aluminum or iron fencing with the natural and subtle appearance of the Trex Fencing posts for a standout fence.  Trex Fencing posts are free from rot, splintering, and breakage, creating a long-lasting structure to support the ornamental fence paneling


A Post to Complement Ornamental Fencing

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Trex Fencing with Ornamental Fence Paneling