Top Benefits of Composite Fence Systems

A lot of homeowners think that composite fencing is ideal for increasing the level of privacy and safety on their property and living place. Composite fence panels are durable and specifically designed to enhance the exterior of your residence. The Trex composite fence system provides you with the utmost security and deters unwanted guests from entering your lawn. There are a variety of colors and styles of composite fencing, making it a top choice for homeowners. You have different design options to choose from. There are different types of composite fences, including composite fence panels for both vertical & horizontal fences, rails and picket fences, and privacy fences. You may select according to your needs and requirements. If you want to upgrade the appearance and look of your living space or business facility, our composite fence panels are the ideal solution.

High-Quality Composite Fence Systems

Whether you want to give a fantastic look to your property or want added privacy around your living place, Trex composite fencing is your best answer. We may take your composite project to a higher level of excellence. We can connect you with experienced composite fencing installers in your area. Fencing contractors throughout the country install composite fences for commercial setups, residential buildings, and business places. When you call a contractor about a composite fence system, they start the process of estimating the requirements of your composite fencing project. Most contractors offer you no-obligation price quotes on our product and services. We provide the best solution for your composite fencing requirements.  A good contractor will mark your property lines or other areas you designate to identify the location you want to have your composite fence system installed.

Trex composite fencing systems are also great if you are living in an area where you have to face a high level of noise and pollution. Our composite fence system works as a sound dampener that helps absorb and deflect traffic and neighborhood noise. Composite fence panels not only offer assistance to block sound, they are also eco-friendly and made out from renewable resources. This makes composite material last longer than most wood fences without the upkeep. We make your home and business place calmer and quieter with our durable, low maintenance fencing products.

Another great benefit is that unlike wood or iron the composite fence won’t rot or rust. The Trex Fence has a 25 year warranty and is the best option for a long lasting solution that will still look great after being exposed to the elements for years. From cold Alaska to hot Arizona. If you live in the termite belt this product is another added protection for you since it won’t be eaten by the insects.

Why Choose Trex For Your Composite Fence System?

  • We are experts in composite fencing.
  • We can help you identify contractors to work within your budget and to identify customer needs.
  • We are available to answer any questions about your project.
  • Our composite fencing products are available throughout the US and Canada.
  • We work quickly and efficiently to ship you the fence of your dreams.


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Sawdust and plastic bags combining to form a Trex composite fence panel.

Composite Fencing materials are comprised of more than one material and take on the attributes of each element. In the case of Trex composite fencing, the thick material contains plastic to give it the low-maintenance longevity wood alone cannot, and it contains wood giving it the natural look a fully plastic fence cannot. Together the wood and plastic material in Trex composite fencing create a winning combination.

Top Benefits of Composite Fence Systems