Before accessing the credit application, please review the information below and acknowledge by submitting.

As a courtesy to our customers, we have partnered with BlueTarp Financial, Inc, a third-party credit management company, to provide our customers access to net terms. FDS Fence Distributors does not have any involvement in the approval/denial of terms, established credit limits, and/or finance charges.

Prior to submitting a credit application to BlueTarp Financial, Inc, we would like to make you aware of some of their terms & conditions found on page 2 of the credit application, titled “BlueTarp Financial Account Agreement”.

When approved for an account, the following terms from BlueTarp Financial, Inc apply:

  • Invoices are sent upon order shipment & statements are sent out monthly.
  • All invoices are due 30 days from the invoice date.
  • If extended terms are needed, please discuss with your sales rep prior to submitting your order. Extended terms are available for an additional fee.
  • There is a 5-day grace period starting on the invoice due date before finance charges begin accruing.
  • In the event payment has not been received by the end of this grace period, finance charges will begin accruing on the open balance at a rate of 1.5% (with a minimum charge of $10) as well as a potential late fee in the amount of $29. Any accrued finance charges are non-negotiable.

Payments can be made using your BlueTarp customer account, over the phone via ACH, or a check can be mailed to:

FDS Distributors
Credit Account
PO BOX 105525
Atlanta, GA 30348-5525

Credit Application Terms & Conditions

  • By adding a signature, the applicant acknowledges they understand the information provided above regarding the BlueTarp account terms and conditions. Additional details about the terms and conditions of the Credit Application can be accessed after submitting this acknowledgment. The above signed is an authorized representative of the account stated above.