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Houston Fence Company is a professional fence contractor that services Greater Houston.  Since 1952, Houston Fence Company has built a reputation as a company that exceeds expectations. The company provides superior fencing solutions at affordable prices.

Houston Fence’s experienced staff works with residential, HOA, and commercial clients. We are particularly adept at understanding the needs of homeowner and community associations. Planning for a fence replacement or a first-time installation can be a headache for boards and property managers. Houston Fence can take that pain away. We not only know fencing, we can help you identify and resolve key issues that many other contractors don’t. We will help you evaluate elements of your property that could impact the installation and review municipality requirements to reduce the amount of time needed for a successful installation.

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Why Choose Houston Fence Company

The explosive growth in the area has led to a surge of builders in the Greater Houston market. Unfortunately, many of them do not have the necessary experience to provide the level of service and technical precision that customers would expect from a professional fence contractor. That’s why customers rely on Houston Fence Company. We have the experience and the resources to meet Greater Houston’s needs.

We great care to ensure customers’ properties are affected as minimally as possible by our installers and we clean up our work space after we’re done. Our customer service team is full of professionals that care deeply about the satisfaction of our customers. Want to know more about Houston Fence? Give us a call at 281-499-2516.

Trex Fencing meets the needs of Greater Houston

Wood was the dominant material for fencing for decades in Greater Houston. However, the hot, humid climate is hard on wood fences. That’s why more and more Houston customers are upgrading to Trex Fencing. Trex has unique attributes that make it the perfect all-weather fence. It won’t warp, rot, chip, or crack, and it has a natural appearance that doesn’t conflict with the beautiful neighborhoods of our area.

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About Trex Fencing Professionals

A Trex Fencing Professional should have a contractor’s license and carry general liability insurance as required where the company conducts business. Professional installers have experience not just with Trex Fencing but with general construction techniques and standards.

Trex Fencing Professional Installers are independently owned and operated, and are neither affiliated with nor agents or representatives of FDS Fence Distributors or Trex Company, Inc. As such, FDS Fence Distributors and Trex Company cannot make representations or warranties as to, and is not responsible for, the performance, acts or omissions of such parties. It is the ultimate responsibility of the property owner to perform their individual assessment the professional installer showcased on this site. We encourage you to verify that your contractor has proper licensing as required by your location jurisdiction and general liability insurance.