Project Spotlight: HOA in Torrance, CA

Project Spotlight: HOA in Torrance, CA

A Homeowners’ Association in the Los Angeles South Bay area recently selected Trex Fencing to replace existing wood fence. The association previously had installed a fence with tan colored pickets and dark brown posts and trim rails, so they were able to stay with their color themes by using Saddle Trex pickets in combination with Woodland Brown posts and rails.

The HOA board selected Trex fencing after extensive research. Besides wanting to stay with the color combination theme, the association wanted a low-maintenance, durable alternative to the wood fencing.

The Torrance-based HOA will replace approximately 3,000 linear feet of fencing in multiple phases. The fence will surround patio areas for ground level units. Another distinct aspect is the utilization of angle adapters to accommodate the trapezoidal shape of many of the units.

Patio enclosures are a practical design option for urban-based homeowner associations in California such as one for Plaza Condominiums in San Diego.  Trex is easily adjustable to shorter heights which is often a requirement for HOAs. With its fully enclosed profile, Trex is also a good solution for reducing sound and providing privacy.

Patio enclosure fencing for homeowner association
Trex Fencing provides privacy for patios
Project Spotlight: HOA in Torrance, CA