Preparing for a New Fence: Fence Project Considerations and Checklist

New Fence Ideas

Chances are, if you are visiting this page you are either putting in your first fence or you are getting ready to replace one. You’re probably doing some research to discover what you should be thinking about before you begin your project. The good news is a fence installation doesn’t need to be daunting if the necessary preparation has been completed. We can help with that.

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Whether you are a homeowner that is planning to install your own fence or a contractor that wants to be thorough before starting a project, you’ll need a good starting point. To that end, we created a resource to reduce the learning curve and to shine the light on project elements you may not have considered otherwise.  A brief checklist of the most common elements you will want to tick off in preparing for an installation is included.

Many of us at FDS Fence Distributors come from a contracting background and have dealt with various aspects of fence installation. While we can’t possibly cover all of the scenarios you might face in your own project, this resource goes over some of the most important (and often forgotten) aspects of a fence installation project based on our experience and contributions by other fence professionals throughout the country.

Although we know you’ll want to take a serious look at the best privacy fence (yes, it’s Trex!), we created the document to cover topics that would apply to any product. Feel free to download Fence Installation Considerations and Project Checklist. We hope you find the information helpful in preparing for a successful installation! If you are still considering which fence is right for you, scroll down to learn more about Trex Fencing.

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Considerations for Fence Product Selection

So, now that you have a good idea of the work ahead to prepare for a fence installation, let’s take a look at the fence products themselves. Most privacy fences used for backyards and light commercial work are comprised of three basic elements: posts, rails, and pickets (also called slats). In that regard, wood fencing and PVC Vinyl Fencing are similar to Trex Fencing. What goes into the material and how the product components contribute to the performance of the fence differ widely, however. Trex Fencing is a composite fence system from Trex Company, the leading outdoor living manufacturer, famous for it ground-breaking decking. The composite fence is made of the same dense recycled material as the decking and has been in production consistently since it was added to the Trex product family in 2005. With thousands of installations throughout North America, Trex fencing is the benchmark for durable and elegant low-maintenance privacy fencing.

Clip art of a Clipboard with a sheet comparing Trex to PVC VinylThe general principles for fence installation are the same regardless of project: set posts, then measure, cut, and attach rails, and then do the same for the pickets. The advantage of a Trex fence from an installation standpoint is that it does not require many fasteners (screws or nails) and it provides true privacy with a neighbor-friendly (same look on both sides) appearance in a standard configuration when it is complete. We won’t get into the vast longevity, performance, and aesthetic benefits here, so visit our “Trex vs. Other Products” pages to get side-by-side evaluations on what Trex has to offer over other fences.

Note: For customers that live near salt water bodies or high humidity areas, we recommend considering stainless steel hardware (or stainless steel Horizons frames if you are considering a horizontal fence).

Preparing for a New Fence: Fence Project Considerations and Checklist