Trex Fencing and LEED Points Contribution

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Did you know Trex products contribute to LEED points? LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a point-based system for green building standards. The U.S. Green Building Council, an internationally recognized leader in green building standards, is a 501(c)(3) non profit that developed the LEED Green Building Rating System which designates categories for which products and organizations can contribute points to a “green” project. Trex’s point contributions are delivered in the form of recycled or reclaimed materials, certified wood, reduced quantity of indoor air contaminants and, when possible, regionally sourced materials and production.

Trex’s eco-friendly products contribute five points in two categories:

  • Credit 4.1 Recycled Content: 10% 1 point
  • Credit 4.2 Recycled Content: 20% 1 point

(Trex products contain 95% recycled-content)

  • Credit 5.1 Regional Materials: 10% 1 point
  • Credit 5.2 Regional Materials: 20% 1 point
  • Credit 1 LEED Innovation Credit 1 point

Many projects, especially residential, do not require green building methods or products. However, sustainable and accountable usage of resources matters to us all. Trex is committed to providing materials and manufacturing techniques to meet the needs of a growing economy while doing so responsibly.

Learn more about the environmental sustainability of Trex composite products. Go green with Trex!

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As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Trex works actively with other members to affect changes in the way communities and their structures are designed, built and operated. Our objective is to create spaces that fundamentally improve the way we work and live.

Trex Fencing and LEED Points Contribution