Project Spotlight – Plaza Condominiums – San Diego, CA

Project Spotlight – Plaza Condominiums – San Diego, CA

San Diego Condominium Association Selects Trex Fencing

Community associations love Trex fencing. After experiencing years of maintenance, dilapidated panels, and rotting posts, association boards and property managers look beyond wood for a more permanent, low-maintenance solution. Trex typically fits the bill. With its fully private, neighbor-friendly design, the bonus is that an association gets an attractive alternative to the common traditional design of wood fences. 

The wood fence required regular upkeep and was warping and splintering.

Because a fence replacement can be a large expenditure, many associations need to build up reserves prior to the purchase. If you are in the process of doing a reserve study or just need basic budgetary information, we can give you some guidelines. One of the biggest benefits of a Trex fence is that you front load costs which means you can virtually eliminate ongoing maintenance budgets for more than two decades. Your homeowners and other community property owners will be pleased with that!

This project spotlight focuses on a condominium association in the San Diego, California area. Trex fencing was installed over the last two years in two phases comprising several ground level units that needed to replace wood fencing around their patios. The layout required a fence height of 48″ with short returns to the exterior walls. To create a snug, attractive fit, the posts and caps next to the walls were cut in half and attached directly to the wall.  The HOA chose the Saddle color with flat top post caps.

Temecon Construction, a San Diego general contractor, installed the fence. For more details, contact us at sales@TrexFencing.com.

Project Spotlight – Plaza Condominiums – San Diego, CA