Seclusions Fence Panel Kit – 6-ft. Tall


6-ft. Tall Seclusions Fence Panel Kit Features:

  • A Trex Seclusions Fence Panel Kit – 6-ft. tall is not pre-assembled (construction required)
  • The kit includes 1-top rail, 2-bottom rail covers, 1-aluminum bottom rail, 4-fence brackets, 24-screws, & 19-67in. pickets
  • The Trex fence post and post cap are sold separately


A Trex Seclusions Fence Panel Kit – 6-ft tall is ideal for any property needing a privacy fence. It is made of recycled wood and plastic materials making it the best eco-friendly product. It’s backed with a 25-year residential warranty and won’t rot, warp, splinter plus it is resistant to insect damage like termites. No painting or staining requirements give you an additional low-maintenance benefit. The product is formulated to withstand all types of climates (hot, humid, & frigid) and is highly durable in high winds. The unique design of the Trex interlocking picket offers a fully-private, neighbor-friendly fence (same look on both sides).  Available in three rich, natural wood-like colors.

The Trex Seclusions Privacy Fence Panel Kit – 6-ft tall requires top rail and bottom rails to be cut to length. Recommended power tools: circular saw or 12 in. miter saw and drill for screws. The fence panel kit materials are ready to construct onsite and installs on 8 ft. post centers. As with all fencing projects, review the items included before purchasing and look over the installation guide to know if this is a DIY project your team can handle.

Trex Fencing Installation Resources

Installation Guide

Trex Seclusions Installation Guide Front Cover

Exploded View

Exploded view of Trex Fence Panel Kit

6 ft. Tall View

6 ft. Tall Trex Fencing Fence Panel Kit Shop Drawing

If your property is not level and you do not want gaps under your fence panels, our fence system has the answer for you. Trex Seclusions fence panels kits can be built to follow the grade (slope) of the ground by setting your fence lines and cutting the rails. The brackets are shaped in such a way to allow easy up and down angled adjustments. Our installation instructions provide details on how to do this so be sure to download a copy.

Be sure to check with your municipality regarding any restrictions or requirements needed to construct your fence. 6 ft. tall Trex fence panel kits meet a standard allowable height in all municipalities so long as the fence panels do not obstruct visibility, which is why it is easy to get a permit for backyard fencing, and perimeter fences or enclosures.

With the Trex fence panel kit purchase method, you do not need to calculate how much material you need to install your fence. A 6 ft. tall Trex fence is typically installed on 8 ft. centers (center of post to center of post). When you buy fence material from us, we will send you all the material you need to build the fence panel between the posts. Because the material cuts like wood, if you need to build a section that is narrower than 8 ft. on center, just measure and cut the rails and adjust your picket configuration (you’ll have extra pickets which you can keep on hand for future needs).

Fence panels made of Trex Seclusions privacy fencing installed along the property line of a backyard.

One of the many benefits of a Trex fence panel system is the simplicity in installation. Each of the components in the fence panel kit has a unique purpose which make assembly logical and easy to follow. Homeowners or contractors can put together a Trex fence following the general principle of installing a privacy fence: set posts, attach rails, insert pickets and secure the fence with fasteners. If you do need assistance, contact our support team at 877-700-8739.

Seclusions Fence Panel Kit – 6-ft. Tall

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