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The purpose of most deck railings is to enclose the space so that the people on the deck are safe. Sometimes these railings can also double as decoration. The best railings aren’t just safe and beautiful; they can sometimes be private. Often times, people don’t realize they need some privacy around their deck until after they use their deck for the first time. Maybe you’ve planned an intimate dinner party with just a few close friends. Or maybe you come home after a long day at work and just want some peace and quiet and a long soak in your hot tub. Maybe you live in a crowded neighborhood, but you want your deck to be your own private retreat. Whatever the scenario may be, it’s nice to have a little privacy on your own deck. A deck is an extension of your living space and you should feel comfortable there. Using Trex Privacy Fencing as a privacy railing or screen on your Trex Deck is the best solution to your privacy needs. Just think, you can have all the benefits of a Trex Fence right on your deck. It looks good, it’s easy to install, and best of all it is (and always will be) 100% private.

Completely Private

Trex Fencing is the best privacy railing solution for your deck. Trex Fencing has interlocking pickets, so a bit of expansion and contraction won’t create gaps. Lattice screens or tall plants are only semi-private and work better as decoration. No other privacy railing will do. Even tongue-and-groove boards might come apart in inclement weather. And, because it’s Trex, you have the same promise of strength, stability, and a 25-year warranty against materials defects*. In large cities or urban neighborhoods, your privacy is especially valuable and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice it when you’re out of your deck.

Your hot tub finally can be a private retreat with Trex Fencing. Give yourself the peace of mind that your space is yours without having to share your personal experiences with the neighbors!

Trex Fencing adds privacy to outdoor seating and glass windows. And, you’ll be surrounded by a structure that isn’t imposing or unattractive. The Trex fencing profile is a stunning system that emulates a board-on-board design.


Whether you need a 3 ft high privacy rail or an 8 ft high privacy screen, Trex Fencing can work for you. There’s no longer a need to search social media for ideas on how to make your old railing more private. Trex Fencing comes in Woodland Brown, Winchester Grey, and Saddle, which complements colors in the Trex Decking line. It also comes in two different styles, the vertical Trex Seclusions and the horizontal Trex w/Horizons. Choose Seclusions for a classic look and the FDS-exclusive Horizons for a more contemporary style.

Trex Fencing is easy to install as privacy railing or screens. The posts are hollow so they can be used as sleeves over a typical 4×4 wood post attached to the framing of a deck. The rails and pickets can be cut to fit between the posts and the pickets slide together to interlock. The tools and skills to build a privacy railing from Trex Fencing is just as easy as building other railings offered by Trex.

Privacy Railing:

Privacy railings are perfect when your deck, patio, porch, or balcony is above your fence line and nearby neighbors have a clear view of your intended private space. An opaque railing won’t just give your outdoor space privacy. If you have clear glass windows and doors, the privacy railing (or privacy screen if you build the structure taller) can shield the view into your home. Maybe your priority isn’t privacy but rather a solid panel railing that children and dogs have no chance of squeezing through. Even the smallest dog can’t fit through our interlocking pickets. And you won’t have to worry about kids getting their heads stuck in the railing bars. You even have the option of pre-built custom gates to completely enclose your space.

Trex Fencing around a patio in a Southern California urban yard
Privacy Screens for Your Spa

Privacy Screen:

If you’re looking for something even more private than a railing, try a privacy screen. Using Trex Fencing, you can have a free-standing wall or a complete enclosure. There are many possible applications, but Trex makes an especially practical privacy screen for your hot tub or eating areas. Solid and private, the composite material is also resistant to rot, cracking and warping. String some lights, hang a few towel hooks and your hot tub is the perfect private retreat.

A privacy screen can be built up to 8ft tall in a standard configuration. Need it taller than that? So long as your city codes allow it, that’s not a problem with Trex. The fence can be built up to 12′ tall!

Multi-family housing is vastly improved with Trex Fencing as privacy walls. No HOA or property manager wants to deal with the hassles of maintenance. Moving sheds, furniture and plants is already a nuisances, but having to coordinate it with dozens (or more) homeowners tries the patience of the board as well as the homeowners. With Trex, there’s no need for annual painting or staining and the material won’t degrade like wood. Once the Trex privacy screens are up, there’s not much left to do other than hosing it off if it gets dirty. With Trex Fencing working as property or balcony dividers, you don’t even have to worry about who will get the ugly side since there isn’t any exposed framing and the fence looks the same on both sides.

Whatever your reason for wanting privacy railing or a privacy screen, Trex is here to help. You should feel just as comfortable in your outdoor living space as you do in your own home. Contact us today to find out how to get Trex Fencing for your deck, patio, porch, or balcony.

* Trex products are warranted against manufacturing defects and should not be considered a guarantee of safety. Consumers and builders should always follow building codes, engineering specifications, and local permitting before deciding if Trex materials will meet project requirements. Trex is not liable for the improper installation or use if its products. See the warranty for more details.

Privacy Screen by Trex Fencing